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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Beeston FC offers regular football to 200 children and young people from the age of five upwards supported by 25 volunteer FA-qualified coaches at Beeston Football Club.
The TVCSA recently obtained a 99-year lease on Trent Vale Recreation Ground, a nine-acre plot in Beeston, as part of a regeneration project at a disused industrial site. The land was originally the sports ground for the works, but it had fallen into disrepair having been unused for many years.
Through the hard work of volunteers we have restored the football pitches and brought them back into use. The site is once again home to sporting activity every weekend for the benefit of young people and the local community.
But there is a problem. The ground does not meet FA guidelines because the pavilion is in a state of disrepair and we are unable to offer toilets and a changing area.
The absence of facilities is a big issue, particularly at the younger age groups, when toilets are really important for the children and parents to enjoy the activities we provide.
The club rents pitches with toilets whenever we can, but it drains resources that could otherwise be used to pay for kit, balls, goals and floodlit training sessions in winter.
In addition, the perimeter fence at the site is damaged and the storage area is insecure, leaving the equipment vulnerable to theft and abuse.
As a result, the immediate future of the site as a venue for football is uncertain because of the previous decline in infrastructure.
A grant of £10,000 from Aviva would enable us to secure youth football at Trent Vale for many years to come and transform the experience of young players (and parents), who would have somewhere to change and go to the loo.
This grant would pay for new fencing, ensuring the safety and security of the area (at a cost of £5k). It would pay for steel doors on our storage shed (£2.5k). And it would pay for the reconnection of the water supply to the pavilion, some toilets and hand basins, as well as a small changing room, while allowing us to seal off other areas of the building for safety reasons (£2.5k).
All of this could be completed well before the end of December 2018 and the Aviva funds would pay for these vital works in full.
The works would not only secure the site as our home now and for years ahead, but they would have a profound and catalytic effect on the club, sport and the community in Beeston.
It would be great for the children, save the club money that could be spent on players’ development, while compliance with FA guidelines and improved security would enable us to apply for further football grants to buy goals, (which cost up to £2,500 each!) and other resources safe in the knowledge they could be securely stored.
Our ultimate aim is to develop the pavilion at Trent Vale with help from Sport England and the FA Football Foundation to expand the football club to include 400 players at all age groups and to use the facilities as a dynamic hub and meeting space for local sport and community groups.
But first of all we have to make the site suitable for children to play and have fun.
There will be lots of backing for our bid, starting with the 200 players, their parents and our coaches, who are desperate for you to support us.
In addition, Beeston is a vibrant community and we will be supported by local businesses, Broxtowe Borough Council and its members, and our local MP, Anna Soubry.
Our application will be publicised through our website, on our Facebook and Twitter channels, through social media groups. Local media, the Nottingham Post, Beeston Express and The Beestonian are primed and will spread the word online and through social media.
The Trent Vale Community and Sports Association has an exciting vision for the future and a plan to achieve it, but first we have a real need to secure football on a fantastic site and to enable youngsters to play there and enjoy it. We would be delighted and grateful if you can help.

Beeston Football Club

Moment of Pride

Beeston FC and TVCSA is so proud of our 25 volunteer football coaches, of securing a 99-year lease on a wonderful sports ground, of our passionate parents who cleared the disused site so it is fit for football, and of the 200 children, who turn out every week to play the beautiful game.

Location: Beeston