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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Castleford Heritage Trust are a local charity working to make a difference to the local community. We are proud of our town, it's rich and varied history, our community identity and culture and want to make a positive impact upon the lives of the people who live here and in the surrounding areas.

Our Community Room project is about creating better community facilities to provide a friendly and welcoming space for groups from the community to use as and when required. It will also facilitate the start up of new social groups in the area by giving them a place to meet up.

We currently run several community groups out of our premises at Queen's Mill on Aire Street, Castleford. These include Knit and Knatter, Quilting, Art Workshops and Trial Yoga Classes. We also use our premises to facilitate community and corporate training courses.

We would like to invest in creating a new dedicated space for these groups to work and to socialise in and to be able to extend what we have to offer for the local community.

Our current meeting facilities are basic and do not offer all the facilities that the groups need. The current meeting room is used for many different purposes and this means that it is not always available for community use.

Having the new dedicated community space will mean that we are better able to meet community needs. It will enable our current groups and potential new groups to:
Be more comfortable
Have access to suitable storage facilities as needed
Have use of a kitchen area that they can use for refreshments
To be able to operate in a pleasant and functional space, designed to meet their needs and requirements, with an effective variety of seating and layout options.

We have been developing our premises at Queen's Mill, Castleford to provide more rooms and usable areas as we move towards becoming a community, arts and heritage centre. We have created a great space for the community to use which will feature new lift access from the entrance way.

We hope to use the funding from the Aviva Community Fund to transform this new space. We will use the much needed investment to provide heating, sofas, tables, chairs and soft furnishings. We will make a room that is comfortable and inviting, a place for leisure, a place for get togethers, a place where vital community work can be carried out.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our project. If you would like any further information please contact us - Tel: 01977 556741,,

Castleford Heritage Trust

Moment of Pride

Castleford Heritage Trust are proud to be an organisation that gets the local community together to enjoy, celebrate and make the most of our town. We are constantly amazed by our volunteers who have extraordinary passion and dedication to our cause and the community spirit shown by all who visit us

Location: Aire Street, Castleford WF10 1JL, United Kingdom