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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


This year Rowledge Cricket Club have seen more girls playing cricket at Rowledge than ever before and we are still growing in numbers. Every week over 90 girls attend training and we run 3 teams in the Hampshire League. Over the course of the past 2 years we are delighted to have become one of the leading cricket clubs for girls and are very proud of this achievement, when it can be so hard for girls to get into competitive cricket.

As always, the success is down to a small group of our volunteers who have gone the extra mile to organise teams and matches along with the coaches who every week give their time, energy and commitment. But with this successful growth in numbers, we urgently need both equipment and coaches to allow each of our girls teams the opportunity to have their own coach and enter the Hampshire league. Next season we will have at least five girls teams… two teams at u10, two teams at u12 and a u14 team. We will also be running winter nets and hopefully some academy level sessions to really develop their skills.
After the club lost its ladies team 2 years ago, womens cricket looked unobtainable for the club. But thanks to all these girls, we can now see a bright future for girls and ladies cricket once again.

£2000 would pay for training for new coaches and help us buy kit and equipment for our five teams.
In a little more detail:
£1000 would allow us to send 3 volunteers on their Level 2 coaching course to give the girls the training they need and the opportunity to play competitive cricket.

£1000 would help us purchase much needed kit and equipment for our growing teams. We need, stumps, bats, balls protective gear, helmets, kit bags and training equipment to safely run our training sessions and attend matches.

Rowledge Cricket Club was founded in 1887 and is celebrating its 130 anniversary this year. As one of the leading clubs in the Surrey/Hants border, we are committed to achieving the highest levels of performance, maximising participation at all levels and ages, and playing an active role in and across the local community including local primary and secondary schools.

We are now approaching over 700 members including over 280 families and see over 1000 volunteer ‘sessions’ support our Friday Night Junior Coaching. With 18 teams taking to the field next season … including four senior, five girls and nine boys (U9-U17), we will have over 250 matches at all levels.

In summary, the aim of our project is to bring the local community together, providing girls with high quality coaching whilst playing sport in a safe environment. We want all our youngsters to be able to play in a club that they feel a part of and have pride in.

Please vote for our club so that our girls can have the opportunity to continue their journey and as a club we achieve our goal of cricket for all.

Rowledge Cricket Club

Moment of Pride

Our coaches, managers and highly valued Junior Section Manager Peter Brinsden are all exceptional in giving their time and passion to help the girls achieve the unimaginable. The girls have encouraged each other and their determination to do well for the club and themselves makes the club proud.

Location: Rowledge