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Funding level: Up to £1,000



Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue (CamSAR) needs to buy 8 lifejackets so that it can effectively respond to missing person emergencies that involve the county's thousands of miles of waterways. This will cost £1000.

CamSAR (registered charity no. 1118622) is made entirely of highly-trained volunteers, and does not receive government funding. We are frequently called by Police to search for vulnerable missing people, such as children, those with dementia and other physical or mental illnesses, and people contemplating suicide. The team saves lives, and your vote can help.

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For over ten years, Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue (CamSAR) - our county's Lowland Rescue unit - has been serving the community by attending and managing emergency vulnerable missing person incidents when called in by the Police. CamSAR is made of, and run entirely by, highly-trained volunteers: 100% professional, 0% pay.

A "vulnerable missing person" can range from a child, or someone living with dementia, to people at risk through chronic physical health conditions, or even someone considering taking their own life.

For the privacy and safety of people we search for, we can talk very little about our work, and so we lack the high public profile of our colleagues working in the Mountain Rescue areas of the country. But our county, with its mix of urban, agricultural, forested and industrial landscapes - and thousands of miles of watercourses - can be just as dangerous to a missing person.



CamSAR, which relies entirely on individual donations and grants, currently lacks the right equipment for full-scale watercourse searching. When such a search is necessary, the team is limited in the number of searchers that can be deployed to water sectors at one time - restricting the search strategies that can be used and potentially delaying the response.

Our members search in all terrains, in all weathers, at all times of day or night, to find and make the missing person safe. An unsafe or injured search technician is of little use to anyone, and especially not helpful to the missing person's emergency.



CamSAR needs to get a minimum of 8 auto-inflating lifejackets, so that a full set of watercourse search teams can be deployed immediately when the situation demands.

At present, these teams have to make do by using the flotation jackets of the boat and flood teams, which means that we then cannot deploy boats and waders at the same time. Anyway, those jackets are not appropriate for land searchers, they are cumbersome and prevent the land teams from carrying the medical and other equipment that they need.

Eight auto-inflating lifejackets will cost just above £1000, therefore we are humbly asking you for a grant of this amount, so that we can properly and more effectively serve the county in our search and rescue work.

Help CamSAR save more lives in the future: please vote for our cause!


Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue

Moment of Pride

I am proud to work with this team of dedicated volunteers, who give up so much of their time to maintain their high level of training and to rescue vulnerable missing people 24/7. This project will ensure they have the equipment to do their (unpaid) job most effectively in our watery county.

Location: Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom