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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Bristol Flyers Health Squad programme is a needs driven health programme which we have created to empower children with the knowledge and understanding to be able to make positive lifestyle decisions as they progress through life. The programme is targeted at Year 5 students who we believe are mature enough to take on board the message but do not have the additional exam stress that Year 6's may have. The programme takes the form of two hours of curriculum delivery a week for 6 weeks, the first hour is classroom based covering a range of health issues and the second hour is a practical basketball session.

The theoretical component of this programme has been designed by a teacher who understands the curriculum components required, it is therefore covers many cross curricular themes including science, maths and PSHE. Themes covered include 'How to keep the heart healthy,' 'What is a balanced diet?', 'Sugar and where it is hidden,' 'Smoking and Alcohol', 'Drugs' and 'Emotional Wellbeing'. All these session are inter active and use a very hands on approach to learning to try and consolidate learning. For example in the sugar lesson, the children physically weigh out and hold the amount of sugar is specific drinks so that they can fully understand the amount in relation to their recommended daily intake.

The practical component of the programme is delivered in terms 1-4 by the Bristol Flyers professional players so not only do the children get to learn and develop their coordination, decision making, ability to work as part of a team, agility and ball handling skills, they also get the added bonus of being taught by someone who plays at the top level in the country and is regularly on the television. The practical sessions will go through different skills every week so that the children are able to build their ability to play. In the final week, the children are able to put their skills to the test and play competitively in a tournament. These sessions are highly differentiated to cater for all abilities with the aim of firstly having fun and secondly introducing children to basketball.

In Bristol, 35% of children leave primary school overweight or obese which we feel is a horrendous statistic. We believe that with a relevant and up to date health programme targeting children, we can help to reduce that statistic. Last academic year we delivered Health Squad to 14 schools for free across Bristol. To enable us to cover the costs of delivery, we received a generous donation from Bristol Sport Foundation. However, to enable us to reach more schools and therefore more children across the city, we need additional funding so we can continue to offer the programme for free. Our future plan is to expand the programme to involve the parents so that we can encourage families to become more positive and healthy in their lifestyle decisions and therefore improve the quality of life of communities across the city.

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Moment of Pride

There a number of aspects to this programme which makes me proud. However, the main reason that I feel exceptionally proud is that the Bristol Flyers are tackling a huge health related issue across Bristol and offering youngsters and families the tools to change their lives for the better.

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