Funding level: Up to £1,000


What is Jubacana?
Jubacana is a youth-led group in Oldham welcoming young people (aged 8-18) to enjoy a creative outlet through world percussion and dance. The project builds self-confidence and leadership skills, as well as creates an accessible space for young people to meet new friends, express themselves creatively outside of the school environment, and most importantly have fun! Our youth-led group are truly inspirational, not just because of their individual talents and enthusiasm but because of the way they encourage each other.

What do we need the funding for?
We have gathered a selection of traditional Brazilian percussion instruments for the group over several years, though most of these are appropriately sized for older teens due to the instruments’ weight and size. To better include younger (and smaller!) musicians into our group and meet the demand of the recent influx of interested new primary school aged members, we now need to source smaller instruments suitable for littler hands to play. We have some very promising new members, and to be able to make sessions fun, safe, and enjoyable for everyone, we now need to have several small drums made to match the type of instruments we are using to create our unique sound (bass drums called 'alfaias'). We would also like to buy several Dhol drums to diversify our music making to reflect the South-Asian heritage of young musicians in Oldham, continuing to make our group sound very unique and fresh.

We will use the funding to buy a set of smaller drums to suit the size of the younger players in the group, as well as several other diverse percussion instruments to better reflect the traditions in our community. We are currently costing up the most cost-effective way to use the funding to purchase as many instruments as possible. If we are chosen, £1,000 would be a huge contribution to the purchase of much needed equipment to enable more young musicians to access our project.

Who will benefit from the project?
This year Jubacana wants to reach and welcome even more young people, boosting their self-confidence and providing real-life experiences of leadership and teamwork. We are currently working to recruit more young people (we have a core membership of 15), with a focus on those from communities in Oldham and its surrounding areas that may have less access to quality youth arts activities.

Jubacana was set up by a group of teenagers in Manchester in 2014 working alongside music teacher and international musician Holly Prest. The group quickly realised they had the talent and energy to share their music and dance skills with others by holding their own events to spread the word about lesser-known Carnival traditions from around the globe. They piloted this work by delivering workshops in the community and in primary schools in 2014. Participants fed back that even a short time with the young Jubacana members widened their horizons and understanding about the world, as well as inspired them to take part in artistic activities available in their communities. It became clear that when the project relocated to Oldham in 2017, we needed to extend the age range to include even younger members. Following several community performances and wide sharing of our videos on social media channels, we have become inundated with requests from younger members to join. Brilliant news!

What’s next for Jubacana?
We are about to embark on some outreach workshops in the Oldham area within schools and community groups. As a result of these free taster sessions, we expect to inspire more young people to come along to weekly sessions to get the attention, focus, praise and enjoyment that they deserve through structured, accessible, group activity. As the Jubacana members continue to develop their skills, they will have the opportunity to perform more regularly (and tour to other cities to show off their talents) as well as record their own CD in 2018.

Project Video


Moment of Pride

Jubacana gives young people access to feel-good music and dance activities. Group members share their talent, friendship, time, and biscuits with each other, and as inspiring young creatives they want to welcome other children to join them to lift people’s spirits with their incredible performances.

Location: Oldham