Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


The idea for this new programme was developed and planned by last year’s beneficiaries of the employability programme, who decided to become Community Leaders and share their newly gained knowledge, and support other women facing exclusion. Their lives improved so much, that they suggested helping others in similar situation and started to refer hard to reach women.
From the programme we ran last year, we now have 6 active women who want to become Community Leaders and form a local, ongoing ‘support hub’. They identified approximately 25 women from their neighbourhood who face multiple barriers, and are not engaging with other service providers. They would be our first potential beneficiaries. At the end of the year the group will be self-sustained, run and managed by dedicated Community Leaders (volunteers).
Once trained, the Leaders will decide on the legal structure of the group for it to become self-sustainable.

This is a schedule of work suggested by previous beneficiaries. The cohort will be able to change and adapt this based on their needs.

Weeks 1-4 Recruitment and Assessment training
Project Coordinator will work with community leaders to help them gradually involve other local women (as described in question 2.13 paragraph 3)

Weeks 5-15 Workshops chosen by the cohort
All sessions delivered will be identified by the cohort, for example self-image sessions; team building; barriers to employment; enterprise etc.

Weeks 16-22 Pyramid of Need
Community leaders will assess their own needs and break the barriers into small tasks. They will take responsibility to solve their own problems and manage their progression.

Weeks 23-48
A series of vocational trainings and qualifications, identified as gaps by community leaders. They might include leadership skills; progression planning; community group management; and cultural sensitivity.

With our input these women will identify their areas of need. Each barrier will be broken down into small easy to achieve tasks. They will take the responsibility to complete these tasks. The aim will be for them to transform themselves into independent confident individuals with a wide range of abilities.
During the training the community leaders will decide on the skill-mix and legal structure of the group to become self-sustainable. They will make the decision on what skills and qualifications they will need as a community group. Based on their findings we will train them to acquire those skills.

At the end of the year we want to ensure that there is a strong group of female leaders, whose lives have progressed to the point where they can share their knowledge with others, and become trained community leaders. They will be able to manage a self-sustained community group.

We have already received funding for the phase 1 of the programme (the cultural aspect of the project and gaining basic employability skills). We now need the funding to secure the second phase, where women themselves become Community Leaders and gain skills and qualifications needed to run sustainable community group.

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All our programmes are community led. This project was designed by previous beneficiaries, who now want to help others.
Participants have the power to change the structure of our programmes to make sure it answers their needs.
Everyone involved with Mapis is passionate about social change.

Location: Slough