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Funding level: Up to £1,000


If you’ve ever settled on a seat, rested on a rock, or lingered on a log…. Please read on!

We are Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group based at [you guessed it!] Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve in the beautiful Calder Valley in West Yorkshire. We work hard to make sure the nature reserve is a welcoming place for wildlife and for people. There are lots of paths and interesting viewpoints but hardly any benches, rocks or logs to sit on. It's not easy to find somewhere to perch if you need a rest, so we want to install some benches so that people can take a break during their visits. Upwards of 100 people per day visit the reserve - and if it’s fine this number easily doubles. That’s a lot of bums on seats at the Bottom!

A pleasant walk does you a world of good, but we can’t all walk miles to enjoy the outdoors. The reserve is open all year round, every single day. It is a great place to enjoy some fresh air, maybe get fitter, meet friends for a walk or just contemplate the natural world quietly in a peaceful spot at your own pace, whenever you choose.
We are very aware of the health benefits of getting out into green spaces in order to improve your mental or physical wellbeing but it’s not everyone who wants to join a health or fitness group so a walk in this lovely place fits the bill nicely. We want to make those walks possible for as many people as we can.
We’ll spend our grant to provide sturdy, durable seating in useful places around the reserve. This will help people to enjoy a longer walk, perhaps get fitter, and generally feel better.
We get plenty of “bums on seats” at our refreshments cabin on Sundays; visitors comment that they enjoy their walks but sometimes they could do with a rest on the way round, so we are sure we will be meeting a need. The reserve is a popular spot with “walking for health” groups, and for people with limited mobility. Other people appreciate the peacefulness as a great antidote to stress or to lift their spirits when they’re feeling low.

Please vote for us – and if you get the chance, please pay us a visit.

Thank you.

Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group

Moment of Pride

We are all proud of Cromwell Bottom and how the Wildlife Group works for nature and for people. The reserve is a welcoming, friendly place and we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to enjoy it without worrying how far they can walk.

Location: Elland Road, Brighouse HD6 2RG, United Kingdom