Community support

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


We would use the funding to organise a Love Norbury Summer Festival in June 2018 to bring local people of all ages together to celebrate how our community has come together and worked hard throughout the past couple of years to improve community cohesion and make Norbury a better, cleaner, brighter and friendlier place to live and do business in. We want to cast a spotlight on our wonderfully diverse community and take a day to celebrate all our achievements and to showcase how, by working together as a community, we have really made a difference to our area.

The theme will be ‘Norbury by the Sea’ and it will be a fun-filled event for the whole community to get together and enjoy. Bringing a taste of the seaside to Norbury, we will:

-Give a Norbury pocket park a ‘seaside’ makeover
-Knit Norbury Together – a group of over 30 local people from all backgrounds and ages have been knitting together for two years, undertaking various projects. They will be knitting fish, crabs and all kinds of other decorations to bring the seaside to Norbury.
-Have a range of stalls including, community/information stalls to highlight the work of Love Norbury and other local community groups; gift stalls to give local small businesses the opportunity to promote themselves and sell their goods; food stalls comprising of cuisines of our different cultures and of course ice cream, candy floss and popcorn and there will also be a beach bar
-Have an area for local people to sit and eat lunch together just as you would by the sea – think deckchairs, sand and water
-Have lots of family entertainment including a puppet show, stilt walker, face painting, bouncy castle, inflatable slide and a band to get people dancing and celebrating. Plus a puppet show as a seaside event would not be complete without one
-Run activities and games for young people including craft workshops, sand castle making and beach ball games (adults can join in too)
-Work with local businesses on seaside themed window displays
-Ask the local fire station to bring a fire engine and provide fire safety advice
-Ask our local police team to bring a police car and provide crime prevention advice

In order to ensure the best environment for our event we will organise a community clean-up day the week before.

We would envisage around 200 people attending the event, but this project would benefit the wider community more generally as we will concentrate on long-term outcomes to ensure sustainable change, for example:
-More people joining Love Norbury and the local Residents’ Associations therefore increasing community involvement and supporting our objective of developing an active and inclusive community
-Increased community empowerment as a result of the event with more people getting involved in activities locally
-Enable Love Norbury to engage with residents who are not on social media or email
-Encourage social inclusion as additional people will enjoy more enriched and sociable lives as a result of participating in our activities
-Encourage more partnership working locally between residents, businesses and other community groups
-Making use of local assets such as a lovely local green space and via the clean-up day we will make our local environment cleaner and brighter

We have a wonderfully diverse community and by increasing community involvement through an event like this we will build Norbury community spirit and togetherness and be able to achieve even more going forward.

The Love Norbury Committee consists of volunteers who give their time/expertise for the benefit of Norbury so funding would not be used for staff costs, only for project costs including: promotional leaflets/posters; event equipment e.g. hire of gazebos, van, bouncy castle, slide, tables, deckchairs, generator, stage/PA; event activities e.g. entertainment, items for activities and games and other items like refreshments, knitting wool and contribution to public liability insurance.

Love Norbury

Moment of Pride

The Love Norbury volunteers have worked tirelessly over the past three years to deliver positive outcomes for Norbury. Their dedication to Norbury, an area in which most of them have lived for a considerable time, is a testament to the pride they feel to live here.

Location: Norbury, London, United Kingdom