Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Getting Kings Cliffe & Area Active is a plan, in partnership with the Kings Cliffe & Wansford Doctors Surgery and other local partners to provide a broader range of sports and physical activity opportunities for older people (50+) in our community.

Firstly we will work to better promote existing opportunities such as Walking Football, Yoga, eXtend to get greater levels of regular participation in these activities. A core element of this will be promotion through the Doctors and other staff in the Surgery with them having greater awareness of local opportunities and therefore able to promote these whenever they are with patients for whom a improvement in physical health would be beneficial, and/or because opportunities to engage with others will bring improving mental health, address loneliness and isolation.

We will then also look to introduce new activities such as Healthy Walks, Nordic Walking, Movement and Dance classes (tai chi, ballroom dancing), more walking sports activities such as Walking Netball. New activities will be driven by consultation with the local older peoples community - all of the above have been suggested in recent years, especially dance at this time of the year due to Strictly - and availability of coaches / instructors to lead them. Currently to access these type of activities local residents would have to travel to Peterborough, Stamford or Corby which is a real barrier to many with no regular bus services.

These activities will be promoted again through the Surgery - not just leaflets and posters but referral to by the medical practitioners. We will also promote through local community venues such as the local pubs, community buildings, churches and the local magazines, newsletters, gazettes. For some communities social media is very popular so we will use for example popular facebook groups and pages.

One activity we already know that we have interest in is a regular fitness class for older people through the 'Kings Cliffe Old Blokes Group'. The group recently visited the inspire2tri gym in Manton in Rutland for a fitness class and determined that it would be excellent if such a class could be established in Kings Cliffe to run on a weekly basis with properly qualified gym instructors - experienced with working with older people with various health needs.

A key element of all of the existing and proposed activities is the inclusion of a social element that will accompany the sport and physical activity - which will range from simply time for a post-activity cup of tea and a biscuit, through to enabling anyone to just come and join the social if that is all they wish or are able to do.

We will ensure to engage appropriately qualified staff to lead and support activities - this may include running sessions for existing coaches and instructors to make them aware of key information; or bringing in staff from outside of the area to lead the activity. We would expect over time to train up those local participants to take on an increasingly greater role to help with sustainability beyond the funded period - for example training a number of Healthy Walks Walk Leaders. Likewise all participants will be expected to pay a small fee to participant.

We would also need to buy some kit and equipment to ensure that everyone can participate in the activities, such as Nordic Walking poles.

We will regularly ask participants why they got involved, how they found out about the activity, how do they feel (physically and mentally) and will very actively encourage them to bring friends along to the sessions - word of mouth being such a key element of our promotional plan.

Kings Cliffe & Area Community Sports Project Limited

Kings Cliffe and Area Community Sports Project is a wholly volunteer led and managed project, that has developed a fantastic community activity venue in the village and is constantly working to increase the number and range of activities for everybody to be active

Location: King's Cliffe