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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Chipping Sodbury Rugby club is an RFU affiliated, long established, friendly community rugby club. The club currently has 2 senior teams, a Ladies team and over 150 children playing regularly from the ages of 2 to 18 each week as well as numerous non-playing club members including RFU qualified coaches & volunteers who play a key role in supporting and continuing to develop our club.

We train at the Ridings Fields in Chipping Sodbury and our much used and much loved clubhouse, offers a place to hold meetings, fundraising events and social gatherings. As well as providing for our own rugby team the kitchen is also used by the visiting youth football teams, as well as the runners and dog walkers who also use the communal Ridings Fields.

The project centres on installing a new kitchen within the clubhouse, as the facilities we currently have are unsafe, with accidents an ongoing risk. The kitchen is poorly designed with little working space and is gradually becoming unusable as different appliances and parts break. We are now left with just 1 working grill (which won't hold in place and regularly drops on you when you're cooking), no oven, all of which limits our ability to provide healthy food to our members and visitors who want to enjoy a snack whilst watching the match, as well as the children who want to enjoy a post match celebration meal.

The kitchen facilities also provide a very useful source of ongoing income to the club and if we can further improve our facilities and the food we can supply, we can continue to be a sustainable community organisation for all and providing the much needed equipment and kits to enable all of the teams to continue to develop.

The children playing each week are offered meals at other clubs we visit, however, we can only provide processed hot dogs due to the limited facilities, with no vegetarian or non pork based options. We would like to be able to offer healthier options such as jacket potatoes and soups so we can cater for everybody's tastes and preferences, as well as improving the health of our community.

The ladies who work in our kitchen do a fabulous job with a very limited facility and we know that if we could provide a new kitchen, we could become the leading "healthy" rugby club in the area, showing the children, who are the future of our club the importance of a healthy lifestyle as part of sporting life.

Why should you vote for our project?

The rugby club house is the focal point of our rugby club as well as being a meeting point at the Ridings Fields for visiting youth footballers, runners and dogwalkers who all use the communal fields. We want to improve the health and wellbeing of our players, both young and old and continue to be a sustainable rugby club for all of the community.

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Chipping sodbury rugby football club

Moment of Pride

My children play rugby in the mini & youth at Chipping Sodbury, my husband is a coach & I volunteer to help out & we all love being part of a rugby club. It has taught my children, team spirit & discipline, given them confidence and they have friends of all ages. We are proud rugby club members!

Location: Chipping Sodbury