Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000



Working closely with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust we are a Group of Volunteers with a 5 year project to clear the Cromford Canal in Jacksdale, Ironville and Codnor Park maintaining pathways and countryside. We have over 300 active Facebook followers.


Create a habitat attractive to wildlife and a recreational area for the benefit of local community and visitors as well as for future generations.

Maintain a constant water level to protect the wildlife during heavy rain.

Improve the biodiversity by encouraging wildlife to use the area to nest and breed.

Provide learning opportunities by encouraging young people to engage with the fantastic wildlife on their doorstep by serving as an outdoor classroom.

Restore the damaged stone bridge at the basin at Jacksdale Wharf. During this work upgrade the access to the bridge to enable easier access for all.

Make the pathways accessible 12 months a year.

To uncover more historical details of the Cromford Canal.

Replace the existing dangerous Stepping Stones canal crossing with a non-slip boardwalk to further extend the network of connected footpaths.


A stretch of canal has been cleared of weeds and years worth of discarded rubbish. (Ongoing)

Two of the most endangered species in the UK Water Voles and White Clawed Crayfish now thrive in the canal along with Water Shrews and a wide variety of bird life including Kingfishers.

Footpaths have been cleared of rubbish and we encourage responsible dog walkers.

We have interest from bird watchers, photographers, local community and visitors.

Tendered for and obtained 2 quotations from Stonemasons to restore the bridge.

Completed a Sponsored Walk raising £2,023.00 creating more local interest and support.

Formed a committee for administration consisting of a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer and we have opened a TSB Current Account which can be viewed upon request.

Short Video of our progress here

Project Video

Cromford Canal & Codnor Park Reservoir

Moment of Pride

This work has increased the variety of wildlife, attracted visitors, reduced anti social behaviour, rubbish and dog mess. The immense support of the local community and visitors and support/donations to enable purchase of tools and equipment and the enthusiasm and performance of the Volunteers.

Location: Jacksdale