Skills for life

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


This project aims to to increase the uptake of the ageing community in developing new skills in IT through the medium of social media, media and technology improving skills for life, confidence and tacking social isolation.

This aim will be achieved by: developing and delivering a 20-week blended learning programme (Including a welcome and celebration session) for up to 40 beneficiaries from the 60+ communities.
Each session will be run 2-4 hours per week (dependant on additional support needs) with a course leader who has vast experience in digital media, social media and associated technology. The blended learning approach will ensure the participants can pace their virtual learning and additionally re-engage with formal experiences to combine the leaning outcomes to get the best results out of this project. There will be an initial welcome session that will include confidence building, equality and diversity awareness and community activism-these subjects will provide the beneficiaries with content to their learning opportunities. A celebration session at the end will consolidate the whole of the learning journey with portfolio evidence.
The lesson plans will be broken down into delivery outputs.
These outputs will be:
Understanding the narrative-this will be done in the form or using narrative to increase confidence in journalism skills. 40 participants will develop a story telling narrative of their life experiences , this will be used to achieve further outputs. With support, they will have completed a piece of work that encourages variety, contrast and reflection. This can be in a written form or audio form.
Getting to grips with Social Media and communications-The 40 participants will complete a series of session that enables them to create social media accounts, navigate and engage. This enables those who suffer from social isolation to engage in a virtual manner, reach friends and family, but also comment on issues that concern them as civic participants in society.
Digital and Visual Editing-The 40 participants will be encouraged to virtually attend the initial sessions via their new Skype accounts to interact. They will have learnt how to use their early prepared narrative to edit both visually and create a digital stream, they will then be invited into the recording studio to access face-to-face learning the editing software will enable them to package their story to a radio ready standard. These transferrable skills will help with dexterity, memory and recall. They will be the foundation of the participants increasing their social interactions from images and footage they have collected.
The show must go on-A specialist show will be produced with the participants inviting them to share their stories on a one hour show. They will be encouraged to choose a piece of music that encapsulates their story and go on to present their slot learning the basics of our play-out system in our main studio. We will additionally stream, the sessions live and encourage family members and friends of the beneficiaries to feedback. The 60+ show will be something we would encourage and seek to further support beneficiaries to become more involved in regular shows on the radio station.

We will have achieved: 40 beneficiaries 60+ to have increased and improved their skills and knowledge in IT, digital and media skills, showcasing their efforts and supporting them to volunteer within all aspects

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As a community radio station, we truly believe our output must be community led and community delivered for the benefit of the community. We do this by increasing our producing and presenting volunteers. Our volunteer programmes reflect the voice of our communities and are person centred.

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