Community support

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


To fund the renovation of the 200 year old wooden floor of the Wirksworth Parish Room; the volunteers that manage this community venue can then provide groups requiring a safe floor an opportunity to use it. Some examples are children's holiday clubs and their parties, developing contemporary and creative dance by learning through arts, Ceilidh's, Tea Dancing and floor exercising such as Pilates. This easily accessible venue with a capacity of 220 people provides training, rehearsal and performance space enabling all types of visual and performing arts to benefit our rural community.
A key project, a major improvement for this community as it continues to increase the use of this venue. The process began in 2002 following 30 years of being Janet Reger’s factory producing ladies underwear and later Double Knight’s children’s clothing being left in a derelict dangerous state for 3 years. Many community groups now use this venue despite the poor state of the floor as follows:

Community Orchestra
BM&W Brass Band
Wirksworth Festival as a gallery
Visual Arts Classes
Theatre Rehearsals
Building Wells for Well Dressing
Clog Dancing
Meetings and Presentations

The old wooden floor re-enforced to carry heavy loads to support malt and barley was part of a malting's built in 1820 then purchased in 1891 by the Church for £800, financed by donations and events organised by the community, who then through volunteers converted it for community and Church use, known as St Mary’s Sunday School and Parish Room. Some boards are badly worn and damaged, creating a trip hazard; nails are protruding above the surface, these defects especially when dancing can cause trips, falls, splinters and injuries. The floor has had no treatment for many years.
Two floor restoration companies have been invited to review the floor seeking advice for the essential work to be done to make it safe, this is as follows:
We will repair/replace boards as necessary before sanding your wood floor removing the old surface finish using 40, 60 & 80 grit sanding belts making sure we vacuum between each grit. Next we will fill any holes and gaps in the floor before sanding again with a 100 grit sanding belt and vacuuming once more to remove the dust. We’ll then switch to a rotary sanding machine and using 120 grit sanding discs we’ll leave your floor flat and really smooth. Then it is a final vacuum of the floor along with all the surfaces in preparation for the finish so they’ll be no ‘big clean up’ needed by you when we have finished restoring the floor.
We recommend Pallmann’s MAGIC OIL 2K, an Oil-Wax finish for your floor. This will leave an open, breathable and diffusive surface finish. Due to the high wax content of the oil you will be left with a beautiful uniform matt, velvety finish.
We will apply Pallmann’s MAGIC OIL 2K by trowel before buffing off excess oil using a rotary machine and appropriate pad. After allowing sufficient dwell time we will then apply more MAGIC OIL 2K and buff immediately. Finally we will buff your floor again using a white pad to remove swirls from the finish and allow to dry.
We have received budget costs of £7,250 inc VAT subject to a full inspection of the floor that will need some boards to be lifted.
The Parish Room steering committee and the Trustees being St Mary’s Church PCC are committed to increasing the use of this venue working with our community, especially user groups for their support to realise the benefits gained from this project. There are now only 2 large venues in the town for our community, this most accessible one being at ground floor is run by volunteers, keeping the letting affordable. There are 5,000 residents in our community, all of which can benefit; their support for this project is essential for success in this application and for the future to support its continuity and development.

St Mary's Sunday School and Parish Room. Trustees: St Mary's Parochial Church Council

Moment of Pride

Returning a derelict factory in 2002 to full community use was my ambition. Seeing people enjoying the Festival Gallery, our local brass band and orchestra rehearsing is rewarding motivating us to produce a safe floor, especially for children and dance; the users and volunteers wish for its future.

Location: Wirksworth