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Funding level: Up to £1,000


We are an amateur swimming club located in Aboyne. We coach swimmers of varying abilities from around Deeside, predominantly aged 7-18, developing their skills through competitive and recreational pathways. Our club is located in a rural area and thus offers a crucial amenity all year round to boys and girls from a large geographical area. We are funded entirely by subscriptions, augmented by some fund-raising activity and is run entirely by volunteers, the mums and dads.
In the drive to ever improve our Club we are embarking on SwiMark+ accreditation and funds will help us to put in place a Coach Development Programme and assist with funding training sessions that our coaches are required to attend. To achieve the accreditation we will initially need to put our 8 coaches through this training at a cost to the club of £2400. Ongoing training thereafter will also be necessary to ensure our coaches training is maintained at the expected level. We also actively encourage and fund our older swimmers to commence their coaching training through level 1 and upwards. A Coach Development Programme will encourage volunteers to complete the training and will support the club as coach numbers are a vital element to the success of the club.
Achieving SwiMark+ accreditation will enable our club to continue to grow and thrive.
The fundamental aim of our club is for the children to develop a positive sporting attitude, a life-long interest in swimming, personal fitness and health. Being a member of the club also helps these children develop general life skills such as social interaction, personal discipline, commitment, confidence and a sense of achievement.

Upper Deeside Amateur Swimming Club

Moment of Pride

Our club is driven by a fantastic team of volunteers, mostly mums and dads whose drive and commitment have made our club what it is today. We are very proud of all our swimmers, their dedication to training and that our club has produced 3 Commonwealth swimmers within our 35 years.

Location: Bridgeview Road, Aboyne, United Kingdom