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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Penryn Rugby U12’s are a great team of boys, whose passion is rugby. Many of the boys have played together since the age of 6, however new boys are welcomed every season and become part of our big rugby family. All the boys, whilst coming from 4 different schools, live in and around Penryn, which is a small town in the heart of Cornwall.

Rugby at this level is about learning to play as part of a team, but most importantly it’s about joining in and having fun.

As the boys are constantly growing, the team would very much benefit from new training tops, being provided by the Aviva Community Fund awards, as there are not the monies available within the team.

Subscriptions are paid per family, where affordable, to the main club for pitch maintenance, match fees, club house up keep and an astro-turf pitch being hired locally, during the dark evenings but these subs will not stretch to new training kits.

We are hoping to purchase a ‘reversible’ training top for each of our team. Presently the boys are wearing their own sports kits for training (in a multitude of colours), together with bibs which increases laundry costs and has a negative impact on the environment.

If we are successful in obtaining the funds for these tops, it would not only bring the boys together as a team with a training uniform, it would also save the hardworking ‘Mums’, the extra washing load!!

U12 Penryn Rugby team

Moment of Pride

From the dedication of the boys, who turn up twice a week religiously for training and matches, to the Coaches who volunteer hours of their time for the many tasks required, to the parents who fund raise tirelessly in the background. We are one big family for the good of the Club.

Location: Penryn