Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Wellesbourne village has a large and rapidly growing population which is lacking in basic community and sports facilities.

The WSCC project is making use of an abandoned football club within the village of Wellesbourne which has fallen into disrepair.

The building hasn't been used since 2009 and has been lying empty since then.

The initial phase of the project bought the building back into a safe, functional and useful facility for the community. All services were re-installed, changing rooms added, toilets and kitchen re-instated and office added. The centre opened in a January 2017 and provides two community/exercise class rooms, a gym, changing rooms and kitchen facilities.

The second phase added a floodlit MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) and two tennis courts.

Funds have previously been raised through community fundraising, Section 106 payments (from local development levies) and parish council precept and loan but there aren't enough funds to provide all elements of the project.

This project is already having a lasting impact on the community benefiting those who live and work in Wellesbourne and wider surrounding area.

The second community room is located on the second floor of the new extension above the changing rooms. This room is currently being used for meetings and spin clasesses. Unfortunately there are no windows or access to natural light and the room can get very warm especially during spin classes! We would love to be able to install some velux windows to allow natural light and ventilation into the room. In addition we would like to upgrade the portable air conditioning units and generally make the room more appealing for all users.

Wellesbourne Sports and Community Centre

Moment of Pride

This project is making a monumental difference to my community. Wellesbourne is a lovely village with many great features but had a chronic lack of sports and community facilities which this project has been fulfilling. The team are all passionate, hard working and committed to the WSCC.

Location: Wellesbourne