Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


The High Halden War Memorial Hall is seeking support from the AVIVA Community Fund to replace the old, heavy tables used almost daily in the hall, with new light weight but strong and hygienic alternatives.

The Hall serves the needs of local residents by providing a venue for a range of village organisations and private individuals helping to build and maintain a community spirit, encouraging participation and inclusion. “Health and Wellbeing” lies at the heart of most events/meetings which take place in the hall including:
• weekly meetings: craft club, short mat bowls club, time out games club, WI Darts, and Brownies
• monthly meetings: Young at Heart (YAH – a social group for the over 55s), Women’s Institute, coffee mornings
• Horticultural Society shows and meetings
• one-off meetings e.g. a recent CPR/Defibrillator training session, a range of fund raising events.
• private parties and bookings

A recent project has resulted in the creation of a parking and drop off zone at the front of the hall (providing a vital facility for hall users off the increasingly busy A28) and this has ensured that the hall now has full and easy access for all users including those with mobility issues.

However, within the hall itself a challenge has arisen as users are finding it increasingly difficult to get out, put up and put away the very dated folding tables. They are heavy and need strong “fingers” to put them up, move them, fold them down and stack them. YAH, who regularly have 50+ at their meetings, including a number in their 80s and 90s, have had to appeal for help to set up the hall, as few of the YAH members can “manage the tables”. The craft club, which regularly has 20+ “crafters” at their weekly meetings also has to arrange for someone to come in specifically to set up the tables and put them away after their meeting.

The tables are tired, marked and heavy and the time is right for new light weight but sturdy tables to be purchased. This will allow not only YAH but all of the other users to set up the hall safely for the required use and activities.

£1000 will allow the purchase of a combination of square and rectangular tables and a storage trolley which will make the setting up and putting away of the tables much easier. The tables are tough and durable with a one-piece plastic top. They are hygienic with a wipe-clean surface which is important bearing in mind that they will be used for a range of activities including crafts, displaying plants, brownie activities and serving food. The tables and trolley have a 5 year guarantee but with proper care it is anticipated that they will last much longer than this.

The Aviva funding will allow the range of organisations and individuals using the hall to enjoy their meetings and events using new clean, hygienic and sturdy tables which can be put up, arranged, taken down and stacked safely.

High Halden War Memorial Hall

Moment of Pride

This memorial hall is a venue for organisations and residents to come together in the heart of the village providing a range of activities, events and social interactions for all ages and wide ranging interests.

Location: High Halden