Skills for life

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Hope Nature Centre is an Animal Park and Tearooms which is run to provide work placements for Young Adults with Learning Disabilities.
At Hope Nature Centre our Young Adults benefit because they have somewhere to come and learn Life Skills and gain work experience; which they can then transfer to new job placements in the future, and which enable them to feel included and valued in everyday life; we also provide a lovely place for the local families to come and enjoy our animals and yummy cakes in our tearooms too. The Young Adults with Leaning Disabilities all love coming to Hope Nature Centre and learning skills which they would not be able to learn if they did not come here. Skills such as Customer Service, Food Preparation, Team Working, Animal Care, Timekeeping, personal responsibility.
By gaining the Aviva Grant it would mean that we can refurbish our Kitchen with new Cookers and Fridges and Other fixtures that we need to enable us to Teach further Life skills to our Young Adults with Learning Disabilities such as cooking, baking and food preparation, health & hygiene and food storage skills. This would make such a difference to their experience in Life and at Hope Nature. It would equip them with even more skills so they can aim to live independently and move on into a mainstream work place.

What difference would gaining the £25,000 Grant make?
The Grant would mean that an area would be especially designated to our Young Adults with Learning Disabilities to enjoy the love of cooking and baking; and be kitted out with equipment to enable them to achieve new skills.
This area kitted out with the funds from the grant would mean we will be able to sell the cakes, biscuits and produce made by our Young Adults with Learning Disabilities in our Tearooms which will give them such a huge sense of pride in themselves and their newly gained Life Skills. And all of this will have been posible through the grant from the Avivia fund and all who vote for us. The gaining of the grant would also enable us to continue our great work into the future because it will enable us to refurbish our kitchen to keep up with the demands of our increasingly busy tearoom and ensure great customer service is upheld.
Thank you in advance for your help in us securing this grant.

Hope Nature Centre

Moment of Pride

The difference we make to the lives and skills of the Young Adults with Learning Disabilites. The look of acheivement and pride on their faces when they have acheived something which they had not be able to previously makes it all worthwhile.

Location: Wiltshire, United Kingdom