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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Streetbikes enables people of all ages, abilities, ethnic and religious backgrounds to become healthier by riding bikes of all adaptations in a safe environment.
We are based at Spenborough running track in Cleckheaton West Yorkshire and have been running for 5 years. We run from 10 30 am until 2 30pm on a Tuesday and a Thursday and from 12 30 until 3pm on a Saturday.
Customers pay £4 and either aided by their carers( or our staff if required) they can cycle round the running track for as long as they want on as many different bikes as they choose. 4 laps of the track is a mile so customers know how far they have cycled.
We have 2 wheeled bikes ,hand propelled bikes,adult and child 3 wheeled trikes and double hand and leg propelled bikes.We have bikes where a wheelchair can be loaded onto the front and secured and the carer then cycles their client around.
There is an inside area for lunch and many of our care homes and schools that attend cycle in the morning ,break for lunch and cycle in the afternoon.We are getting more referrals too from Physios who use our service as extra rehabilitation sessions in patient recovery.
Another aspect of our project is organising Community rides along the local cycle route known as the Greenway. We run a Women only ride to encourage Asian ladies in the area to socialise and exercise in a culturally safe environment and we have a family ride on a Saturday morning.We provide the bikes,helmets and hi viz vests and fully trained staff to lead and assist on the ride.
We teach people to ride a bike too... from 4 year olds up to 75 year olds. This dovetails nicely with the community rides as once they can ride they can grow in confidence and experience by going on the Greenway ride.The Community rides vary in distance from 8 miles to 18 miles and participants go at their own pace.
We have a recycling section too where we ask for old bikes to be donated either through the local tips or privately and we then upgrade them to be used again and recycle them to be given away back into the local community.We ask for donations for the bikes to keep the project supplied with equipment to upgrade the bikes.At Christmas we have a big bike giveaway to disadvantaged families in the area to help lessen the financial burden.

Streetbikes CIC

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We empower people to become healthy in spite of any mental or physical disabilities and show that cycling is not just about 2 wheels.We enrich peoples lives by helping them to achieve and provide an environment that is friendly and socially integrates people.We have some dedicated volunteers too

Location: Bradford Road, Liversedge WF15 6LW, United Kingdom