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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Lee Canoville is a football coach and believes that mentoring through sport can help to inspire the younger generation and highlight the importance of key life skills.

He therefore formed Canoville Coaching and has begun to work with schools on a ‘not for profit basis’ to mentor children, particularly the underprivileged, and show how sport can have a beneficial effect on life. Feedback has been incredibly positive:

“All children have benefited from football mentoring in a variety of ways. Some children have really matured during the time that they have been involved in the mentoring sessions. Most noticeably is the way in which they approach their work and the attitude they have adopted in the playground” (H Tomlinson, Head of School, Edna G Olds Academy).

“Our pupils value the time they spend with their mentor. Their improving confidence, resilience and progress are a testament to the work of Canoville Coaching” (K Kuffour, Deputy Head, West Grantham Academy, St Hughs).

“Key Stage 3 students were chosen and benefited from his coaching and football skills as well as life skills and as a positive role model. He spent every Tuesday morning in school in 1:1 and group sessions and then ran 'free to attend and participate in' football matches over lunchtimes on the astro turf for all. Every student enjoyed these sessions.” (Alderman White School)

The Canoville Coaching team consists of ex-professional footballers, who left professional football at a young age and with no formal qualifications to fall back on due. Every young footballer believes they will make it “big” and unfortunately this is not the case for a majority of players.

Lee is now looking for funding to train and equip his coaches so that more schools can be visited throughout the district. His aim is to unite different cultures and backgrounds, regardless of footballing ability or fitness levels to eliminate racism and prevent the temptation for youngsters to join gangs or sample drugs, which remains prevalent in the society that we all live in.

Mentoring will offer the opportunity for Canoville Coaching to work with children and highlight the greatness of sport, eating healthily and team work together with increasing an individual’s confidence in every area of life.

With Aviva’s help and ongoing fundraising, the project aims to engage with over 500 children over the next 24 months, offering them both in-school mentoring and access to free football training.

With your help Lee can take the “Mentoring through Football and Fitness” concept to the next level and create something which inspires youngsters and will undoubtedly have a positive impact on our community for years to come.

Canoville Coaching

Moment of Pride

Lee and his coaches don’t just teach football. They expose youngsters to the importance of sport, fitness, healthy eating, respect, teamwork and offer an opportunity to create lifelong friendships.

Mentoring in schools will undoubtedly inspire our children to achieve greatness.

Location: Nottingham