Community support

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Our Project is to reinvigorate a redundant public conveniences building in the town which has not been used for 10 years, and thus create a permanent Band Headquarters for Tewkesbury Town Band.
Although records show a Town Band existed in Tewkesbury as far back as 1838, the present band was re-formed in 1974. Since that time the band has never had a permanent home and in the last 20 years has been forced to move 5 times, including being flooded out in 2007. The ultimate outcome of the project is therefore to leave a lasting legacy for future generations to enjoy brass band music making within the community of Tewkesbury and the surrounding area, either as a player or as a member of the audience.
In recent times the building had been a hiding place for anti-social behaviour and drug use. So, in partnership with the Town Council, the band will take on a 99 year lease of the former public conveniences building and to bring it back to life in a form suitable to be used as a band headquarters, rehearsal space, music library and storage. To achieve this, considerable interior renovations will be needed including removal of interiors walls, removal of toilet furniture, installing new electrics, plumbing, heating and sound insulation and sound proofing to walls and ceilings. Together with the use of much voluntary help, the project is estimated to cost £9,500 and so this is the amount we are seeking from the Aviva Community Fund.
In bringing the building and immediate surrounding area back to life we will be providing a community asset right in the town, making it accessible for young and old and those with mobility disabilities, as level access and ramps will be maintained. Brass bands have been cultural assets throughout the UK for almost 200 years and our project should see brass banding in Tewkesbury continue, as it has, for many generations to come. Being in the centre of the town will give ready access to schools for proposed After School Band Clubs, not possible at our present temporary location 3 miles out of town. Also, we would like to start a Daytime Brass Group for retired brass players and shift workers who find it difficult to attend the usual night time rehearsal times. This is in addition to regular rehearsals for the Training Band the Senior Band. The organisation provides free tuition in brass instrument playing together with free instrument hire to people of all ages but particularly to children and young people via its Training Band. Generally, at any one time, there are 25 to 35 people learning to play. On gaining a sufficient level of proficiency they then transfer to the Senior Band which is made up of 25 to 30 players. Many of the young people are entered for music grade exams and some continue their music studies onto University, Music Conservatoires or join leading UK brass bands.
Between them the bands give approximately 50 performances each year in Tewkesbury, the surrounding area and counties, as well as further afield including in its twin town of Miesbach, Bavaria. Tewkesbury Town Band also leads all major parades in the town such as Remembrance Day, Civic Parades, Medieval Parade, etc. The Remembrance Day Parade, led by the band, involves 500 participants and the streets are lined by over 1,000 spectators.
Tewkesbury Town Band is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (Charity Number: 1171327) and a member of Brass Bands England.

Tewkesbury Town Band

Moment of Pride

The band is self-financing by concert income, membership subscriptions and the voluntary help of its band trainers. The popularity of the band is clearly seen at its two sell out Christmas Concerts in the town's Roses Theatre and it will be wonderful to see the band's home back in the centre of town

Location: Saffron Road, Tewkesbury GL20 5PN, United Kingdom