Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Grande Promenade Project
Stonehaven’s fishing industry has long gone and the oil industry is now in decline, which means that Stonehaven is now largely dependent on tourism. Currently the focus of tourism in Stonehaven is concentrated on the harbour area and Dunnottar Castle.
This project will expand the area from Dunnottar Castle in the South to the Highland Boundary Fault line in the north and make it inclusive to everyone by upgrading and linking the paths already in existence.
The current problems in the area include:
• Lack of good signage both from the town centre to the beach/harbour areas and from the Castle to the town, the town to the castle, the town to the boundary fault line and vice versa.
• Little good seating, benches and tables and bins throughout the area.
• Lack of shelter for the Scottish summers.
• Lack of information boards at key points from Dunnottar Castle to Cowie village and beyond, showing the intermediate distance on a diagrammatic plan. People are interested in how far they have walked/run and may extend their walk to include the less frequented Cowie promenade towards the highland boundary fault line.
• Little for children to do on the walk, durable children’s activities could be included to keep them interested and information about the local wild flora and fauna should be included.
• The boardwalk is very popular but too narrow, with bottle necks in places. It would be a priority to replace the boardwalk and widen it to double width where possible and include a cycle path running parallel to it.
• Unkempt, unattractive grassy areas along the main paths, which would benefit from upgrading to sensory aromatic areas for everyone’s enjoyment
• Cowie area is under visited / under used, we would encourage people to visit with information boards about the area.
• Lack of uniformity in lanes leading from the town to the beach, these could be unified in their appearance.
This is a very big project and will be broken down into phases. The initial phase will look at the boardwalk area with a view to replacing this with a wider boardwalk and parallel cycle path, improving the signage and including some benches, tables and bins as well as some flower planting and children’s activities in this area.
A Community Engagement Event has already been carried out which was very successful with the people attending giving their opinions on what they would like to see included in the initial phase of the project. We are now looking at how we can fund this phase of the project.
Stonehaven Town Partnership are working with the following groups in Stonehaven on this project:
Stonehaven Tourism Group
Stonehaven Business Association
Stonehaven Horizon Group
Friends of the Open-Air Pool
Stonehaven and District Men’s Shed
Dunecht Estates/Dunnottar Castle
Stonehaven and District Community Council
Aberdeenshire Council

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