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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Talk cash with the Kids is a project that empowers parents to talk about money with their children.

Our work on the financial fitness project support’s families who are experiencing financial difficulties. Often by the time we receive a referral, debts have escalated and the family’s situation has hit crisis. When budgeting support is offered and tools are put in place, parents often say that had they had these skills before, they wouldn’t have struggled so much with their finances.

Armed with this knowledge we aim to encourage parents to start talking to their children about money at an early age and give them a good grounding of financial skills ready to face their life ahead. We want to teach parents and their children basic budgeting skills together.

Amazingly very little is taught about finances within schools and we know from our debt support work that parents struggling with their finances will usually try to hide this from their children. This obviously means there is a real risk of the cycle repeating itself with the next generation.

Our work aims to break this cycle by improving families’ financial capability.

Simple topics that can be understood by youngsters, like earning and spending pocket money and planning meals and buying the family food shopping, will all be delivered to parents and children together. Children love to play shops so this can be a natural next step for parents and children to learn together in a practical way.

We also look at topics such as saving for Christmas or birthdays, how to fund a big purchase like a new TV or tablet and comparing contract costs i.e. mobile phones. Wherever it is age appropriate children will join in the learning at the sessions and all parents will come away armed with the knowledge to confidently discuss these topics with their children when they are old enough to understand.

The governments welfare reforms and the roll out of Universal Credit gives a new expectation on people being more responsible for their money, we aim to develop these skills in a low-key family friendly way.

Our support can be offered by going into schools, play groups and Children’s Centres or offered as bespoke events i.e. workshops during the school holidays.

We have a strong team of staff and volunteers from a range of backgrounds who all share one thing in common – they all care passionately about helping people to manage their money! We have all seen first-hand the massive stress and pressure that money worries cause and the impact this can have on families and their emotional and physical health.

We are well placed to deliver this project, we have long standing community links and numerous connections with specialist financial support services such as CAB, the Loan Shark team and Medway Credit Union.

We know that with funding we can empower the next generation and that this project will have a lasting impact!

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We are proud that our project changes the lives of local people!
A parent said ‘because you have opened my eyes about money I’ve finally been able to take my children on our first EVER holiday, to be able to give my children these memorise means everything. Thank you from the bottom of my heart'

Location: Green St, Gillingham, Medway, United Kingdom