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Funding level: Up to £1,000


The Haslemere String Competition offers talented young players a chance at significant solo concert exposure. First prize is the opportunity to perform a concerto with a professional group, the Waverley Ensemble and to also record a CD with the Waverley Ensemble. The competition is open to 11-19 year olds who live in the south east and south west of England. The competition takes place every 2 years, the finale round is part of the Haslemere Festival. Other finalists have the opportunity to perform chamber music with the Waverley Ensemble in a side by side chamber music concert.

The Waverley Ensemble

Moment of Pride

i am the director of the Waverley Ensemble a concert series in Haslemere Surrey. I wanted to give young serious string players more performance opportunities, as this will develop confidence.

Location: Haslemere