Community support

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


We are aiming to get a disused piece of ground into a fit state to become an adventure play space for children within the Eastwood area of Rotherham that they can access every evening after school. This space would be staffed by qualified play workers and offer meaningful activities for children and a safe place to play after school. To make this project work we need to make the space safe. The ground is uneven and there are mutiple hazards that need to be removed in the first instance. We would then begin to create appealing play spaces, in consultation with local children, such as zip wire, climbing wall, sand pit and mega slide.
If we were successful in receiving Aviva support we would use the money to make the space safe by clearing away debris and removing hazards like uneven ground. We would also use the money to buy equipment. What this would mean would be dependent on what the children said that they would like. We have two 'pop-up' play mornings planned where we will show children the type of things that we could do and consult with them about what they would like. They will be involved at every stage in planning what the space looks like.
This funding would be a tremendous kick-start to the project and allow us a platform on which to build. Eastwood has a bad press. We think that the future of Eastwood's children is worth investing in. Let's give them a safe and enriching place to play and start building their future.

Clifton Learning Partnership

Moment of Pride

This project is rooted in the local community. We employ local people and try to work with the community in all its diversity to meet a range of needs. Children are the future and a safe enriching play space to access will be a fabulous additional facility in an area with few opportunities.

Location: Erskine Road, Rotherham S65 1RF, United Kingdom