Community support

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


we are a local community centre who cater for all age groups and abilities. we are at this time looking to raise funds to buy a community minibus for the area of benefit. the minibus would be a fantastic asset to the community centre. The Lanthorn community centre groups would greatly benefit from this. The community centre have a boys brigade group, a girls brigade group, an elderly lunch club and two churches who would greatly benefit from a minibus.
the boys brigade and girls brigade take the children on trips.

However despite all of our efforts, hard work and dedication we find that this alone is not enough and are asking to be considered for financial assistance in order to raise the necessary funds we require to purchase a minibus which will be available to the churches and groups within the community centre.

Lanthorn Association

Moment of Pride

our community centre have between 10 and 12 thousand people who attend and take part or volunteer in our groups , it is the hub of the community and has assisted several generations of the community over the last four decades.

Location: Livingston