Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Through our new project Amilly Fitness: inclusive health and wellbeing centre we aim to help 300 people with disabilities and their family members, carers and friends feel less socially isolated and become more active improving their health and wellbeing by addressing the identified the barriers to physical activity participation:
• Beliefs about importance of physical activity
• Internal barriers of individual motivation
• External barriers to participation (opportunity)
Over the last three years with funding from Sport England’s Inclusive Fund we have successfully delivered a programme of inclusive and disability sport helping over 2,000 people become more active. However, we recognise that you can have the newest, most accessible sports centre on the planet, but if people aren’t able to get out of the house due to accessibility issues or living with mental health problems which may prevent them, we need to do more to enable these people to access what is available, providing a stepping stone service. This year we established a new Outreach Exercise Programme, taking seated exercise to music and tai chi out to housing association and residential care homes in Peterborough. Within a few months 16 weekly sessions have been established, helping 178 people new to activity attend 779 times, and we are planning to do more.
There is real gap through. We do have great gym facilities locally, but for the average person who is disabled or older they do not want to use or do not think they are able to use these. So we are looking for financial support in order to establish a new Inclusive Health and Wellbeing Centre called Amilly Fitness at our offices working in partnership with our landlord The Mobility Aids Centre (TMAC). We have the accessible room and facilities, TMAC already have the specialist exercise equipment and expertise, and we can provide trained disability coaches. So our target audience is people with disabilities and older people managing long term health conditions to take them from inactive to active, reduce social isolation and improve mental health and wellbeing. We can offer specialist gym equipment and fitness classes, finished by a drink and chat in an accessible kitchen area. If and when these people are able to progress to more vigorous activity we have the networks to refer them on. All are projects are inclusive, so we encourage family members, carers and friends to join in too. We are looking to fund a Buddy Co-ordinator to help people access the Centre and a Gym Instructor to cover all the gym and exercise class sessions. We are looking to support and encourage people with disabilities to become gym and exercise instructors, and can provide access to training courses via our links with the local YMCA. The activities we plan are:-small group gym classes (5 to 8 people maximum) to allow for expert personal training to be incorporated and fitness classes such as seated exercise to music, healing yoga and tai chi
We have the networks to refer people on if and once they are ready and able. We plan to open two days week initially to specific groups i.e. ex-armed forces, MS Society, housing association and residential care homes. A charge of £2 per session (adds value to activity for most people) will be made and this money will be fed back into the project to help sustainability beyond the end of the funding. We will collect demographic and disability data and evaluate the success of the scheme. Furthermore we have also got commitment to work with our local university centre to evaluate the impact and outcomes of the project.

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"Inspire let families build priceless lifelong unforgettable memories and spend quality time together with their wonderful team on hand to support when necessary and give our children opportunities that wouldn't usually be available to them as our children have additional needs and/or disabilities"

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