Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


The group was formed after antisocial behaviour increased in the area, a group of parents and members of the public provide a safe environment for children aged 7-11 and 11-16 to meet, socialise and access new experiences, once a month the youth group have previously, hired a Rhodes bull, foam pit party, and put on a UV party as well as working with the local Neighbourhood Watch who gave out security marker pans to all the children to mark up their valuables. This is the kind of work we want to continue to do. We believe we are making a difference in our community.We want to continue to provide a safe and stimulating environment and extend this to more children within the Parish. We aim to continue to bring the community together and as a group have also organised charity events to raise money for a local child living with cancer. We would like to do more events such as this bringing together local children to help others.

Youth together selston

Moment of Pride

How we can all work together to make the kids that attend our club happy and have the freedom to meet new people in a safe and warm environment

Location: Selston