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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Aviva Community Fund – Courtyard Play Equipment
Let the children play! – much needed new playground facilities for our SEN pupils.
Oak Grove College is a secondary and sixth form education establishment for pupils with special educational needs, currently with 252 pupils aged 11-19. We have a higher than average number of students eligible for ‘pupil premium’ which means they come from disadvantaged families.
Our children have many individual needs but included amongst them are;
• Profound & multiple learning disabilities
• Autistic spectrum
• Moderate learning difficulties
• Severe learning difficulties
• Speech & language difficulties
• Social and emotional behaviour difficulties
• Visual impairments
• Hearing impairments
• Specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia

The school is built with a courtyard space in the middle including a playground area where the children can play at break and lunch times. However the trim trail currently in place is in poor condition. The playground surface has been repaired many times over the years as you can see from the many patches in the photos. It is once again cracking and creating holes which is making the area unsafe. It is not worth repairing again and desperately needs replacing. The trim trail itself is also missing ropes and chains making the area mostly unusable. A £10,000 grant from Aviva would enable us to create a wonderful recreation area for our children, they love to be outdoors and the benefits of play are proven. Although we have sports courts unfortunately this is the only outdoor play equipment available and the children really deserve to have a space they can fully enjoy. We would also incorporate a sensory garden area that would immerse our students in the outside environment through texture, sounds and colour. The new facility would be enjoyed by generations of students and be a positive transformation to our college community.

Friends of Oak Grove College

Moment of Pride

It is an amazing school for students with a very wide range of complex needs and learning difficulties. A wide range of curriculum and life skills are taught to these young people.
It is a lovely environment for all staff, students, volunteers and visitors

Location: Worthing