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Funding level: Up to £1,000


St Madoes Primary School Parent Council is applying to the Aviva Community Fund for £1000, which will be used to buy the school three iPads and Educational Apps to support an intergenerational digital inclusion project.

St Madoes Primary School and Nursery, which has a school roll of 164 (106 families) supported by 21 staff, need to invest in innovative digital technology to enhance learning and teaching. The objectives of this investment are to develop the skills and confidence of pupils, teachers and parents; improve access to digital technology for all learners; ensure that digital technology is a central consideration in all areas of the curriculum and share our learning with the wider community of St Madoes.

We were inspired to focus on this to bring us in line with the 2016 Scottish Government Strategy

“A Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy for Scotland aims to improve the current situation by creating the conditions to allow all of Scotland’s educators, learners and parents to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technology in order to raise attainment, ambition and opportunities for all.” Scottish Government 2016

To help meet our objectives we are running an extensive Young Digital Leaders program that will empower our pupils with knowledge and expertise. Our initial 10 pupils nominated as Digital Leaders will help to embed the use of technology across the school. They will attend regular meetings, support fellow pupils, share their learning with members of staff and run assemblies. In addition to this they will help increase the digital knowledge of parents and senior citizens within the wider community.

By using technology in this way our Digital Leaders will be able to take the lead and improve upon e-safety within the school and share more focused information for keeping safe online.

As the children move on through the school they will hand over the role of Digital Leader to the next group of children who will continue to educate others in the rapidly changing world of digital technology. All pupils, teachers and parents within the school community will benefit from this learning opportunity as will the majority of senior citizens within the community.

To achieve this intergenerational project the school will make use of our new Community Hub, The Madoch Centre, to support our community’s senior citizens to gain a wide range of knowledge about digital technology.

We will hold small weekly digital sessions where our Digital Leaders can give educational presentations and provide one on one support. The target would be to reach 50+ senior citizens within the first year.

St Madoes Parent Council began the investment in digital education last year by successfully fundraising for 5 iPads. To achieve our goals we need to raise £1000 for an additional 3 iPads to allow a greater number of our Digital Leaders to use them simultaneously.

Vote for us and help our entire community advance their learning in an ever advancing digital world.

St Madoes Primary School Parent Council

Moment of Pride

Our school makes us proud! The staff believe in the pupils and know how hard they try to make a difference in their community. Pupils and their families want to ‘put something back’ and build knowledge and skills with this intergenerational project.

Location: Saint Madoes