Funding level: Up to £1,000


RAG (Raise and Give ) Society brings university students an innovative approach to raise money for great charities. This year we will be working for 4 which are Phab, VITAL, Hope for Children and Sickle Cell Society UK.

This year, our new committee are ambitious. We are aiming high to re-instate the 'RAG week’ that gives RAGs up and down the country their name; an entire week of events held in and around the university campus, bringing UCL together in the name of charity.

The money will help us put our stamp on campus whilst advertising our events and opportunities in our university bars, cafes, lecture theaters, and out on the streets. With your help we could expand our online presence to reach a greater number of students with our fundraising, in addition to supporting our many events organized throughout the year. In other words, all the money obtained is focused on increasing the presence of RAG in the university and to get more people involved with charity.

Different events will be ran through the week suitable for all tastes. We are trying to get involved with other societies at UCL and collaborate with them for the different events that will take place in this week. Examples of ideas we are considering include a race for charity or karaoke night. The definite structure is soon to be determined. However, we do have a final event, taking place on the Saturday, known as LOST. This is one of the major events RAG is known for and, in it, teams are taken to a mysterious and secret location and have to race back to UCL using only their wits and charms! All the money fundraised will go directly to the charities we are working with.

UCL RAG (Raise And Give Society)

Moment of Pride

RAG offers students unforgettable experiences whilst raising money for charity. By being part of our events people get an insight of the work the charities we collaborate with do and what the money that they have raised is used for. Thus, RAG brings students and charity together.

Location: University College London, Gower Street, London, United Kingdom