Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Provsion of free specialist sexual violence counselling for women in Cambridgeshire who are survivors of rape, sexual abuse or sexual violence. Creating a safe space for survivors to cope and recover from their experiences of sexual violence. Providing survivors with protected time to start the process of healing and taking back control of their lives.

Our trauma informed counselling project enables survivors to recognise their won strength and resilience and empowers them to hold onto the hope for change, peace and safety in their lives.

Our counselling will provide:
• Access to knowledgeable counsellors with specialist training in sexual violence and its impact
• Confidential listening and support to ease immediate and on-going distress
• Support to decrease loneliness, isolation and social exclusion
• Non-judgemental and independent support
• Empowering survivors by non-directive support and decision making
• Decreasing fear and increasing confidence

The Ministry of Justice estimates 475,000 adults in the UK have been a victim of a sexual offence in the last 12 months. 2,300 women and girls were estimated to have been a victim of serious sexual assault last year in Cambridgeshire, 24% of women in the county said they had experienced some form of sexual victimisation at least once in their life time, equating to 55,194 women in the county.

Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre

Moment of Pride

The women and children who use our services at Cambridge Rape Crisis inspire us everyday with their strength and courage. It is an enormous privilege to travel along side someone on their journey to recovery from sexual violence.

Location: Cambridge