Community support

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Hull and East Yorkshire Children’s University a charity that works with children living in some of the countries most deprived postcodes. The charity’s aim is to raise the aspirations, confidence and resilience of young people living in areas of disadvantage in our city. They do this by providing experiences that these children otherwise would never have.

A third of all children in Hull grow up living in poverty. Most if these children have never left Hull and many have never even been into the city centre. HEY Children’s University believes that ALL children should get to see beyond the end of their street and explore what is out there. They broaden horizons for the children so that they can aspire to achieve something with their lives.

Whether it is a trip to London to learn all about the Capital, or a visit to a business to learn all about that industry, the experiences Hull Children’s University provides inspire, engage and educate, helping the children discover talents they never knew they had. This puts the fire in the children’s bellies that will help them to succeed.

Hull and East Yorkshire Childrens University

Moment of Pride

1 in 3 children in our city grow up in poverty. The children's university raise's the aspirations of young people in Hull and East Yorkshire by building their confidence with a unique learning experience. To see these children have first experiences in life is amazing to see.

Location: Hull