Skills for life

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Iconic Steps is a social enterprise supporting young people aged 16 - 25, who need that extra bit of help to acquire much needed skills to get them work ready.

We specifically work with young people interested in a career in the media but who are experiencing barriers such as those not in education or training, ex-offenders, care leavers and unemployed graduates. Through training, masterclasses and employment opportunities we help them with both their professional and personal development to get into the media industry and build on the opportunities.

Courses are run in intimate groups of 12 and are facilitated by active filmmakers, in 2017 we worked with 40 young people. These young people are also given mentors and participate in masterclasses to help broaden their network. Through our production partners we are able to link young people to entry level positions they would otherwise never hear about and our personal development sessions build into their confidence, public speaking, financial management and work etiquette to name a few. We focus on personal development so that once our young people are in employment they are able to stay in employment, thrive and grow! The Aviva Community Fund will allow us to work with 80 young people through the investment in equipment.

Iconic Steps produces compelling video and photography content for companies such as Excel London and The British Council. The young people we support produce this content and are paid for it, this further builds into them as we place emphasis on their value. Through this we are providing the young people on the job experience and making Iconic Steps more sustainable.

We would like £10,000 so that we can invest in more and new production equipment which would allow us to run more courses, impact 80 young people, produce more content for clients, and ultimately be more sustainable.

FEEDBACK from young people who have taken part in the project:

I am so grateful to Iconic Steps and particularly to Victoria Ijeh for providing me with the opportunity to turn my ideas into realities. Not only was I given fantastic guidance and the practical tools to create documentaries but I was also trusted and paid to work on many projects for the company, which gave me the confidence and hope to pursue a career in film-making.”

“Thank you so much for this opportunity it’s been a blessing. Emil Nava got back to me and asked if I was interested in doing work experience at his Music Video shoot next week! I am so happy, thank you for all the help and support, I truly am grateful ”

Project Video

Iconic Steps

What makes me so proud is the community being created by young people who would otherwise not have a positive one. Alongside that actual opportunities are given to young people not just soft skills or training but practical paid work and next steps into employment.

Location: Lambeth, London, United Kingdom