Skills for life

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The Get a Future project will encourage businesses to take a chance on young people whether it’s giving them a job, a work experience placement or to meet with them, talk to them, help them to understand why education is crucial and what kind of future they could have in their home city.
Many young people who we work with don’t have a supportive family at home, they struggle to focus at school and struggle to see the relevance of academic studies – their aspirations are low and those ambitions they might have had as young children fade as they settle for low skill jobs.
We know there are opportunities across the city, we know there are skills gaps in industries and that people are being brought out of retirement to fill positions.
James was struggling to get interviews, his confidence was such that even once he had secured an interview he was unable to demonstrate the experience needed for the role. The Editor agreed to give James a 3 month work experience placement in their Digital Project team. James quickly flourished in a work environment and within weeks he was developing their social media and online output. Once the work experience placement was coming to an end there was no question that James would be leaving and he was given a permanent job.
There are hundreds of young people out there who will not get a job or maybe even an interview, even though they possess the skills and creativity to be an asset to Carlisle businesses unless we try and work in a different way.
We would use the funding to recruit a full time Coordinator who would work with young people to identify those who need the help, the confidence and the opportunities.
We have had a modicum of success with filling skills gaps with young people, with helping them make the most of their potential and matching them with local businesses who are sympathetic to their situation and prepared to take a chance on them.
The Coordinator will match the young people and businesses up, developing an individual package of support which includes; work experience, skills mentoring, opportunities for the young person to share their digital ideas and value the skills they have and businesses need and also potentially ringfencing apprenticeship/ job opportunities.
With a full time Coordinator to lead and drive this project we would be able to increase the skills, knowledge and confidence of a minimum of 300 young people over a 12 month period.
• Practical and vocationally relevant skills
• Applying the digital knowledge they already have
• Developing social and communication skills
• Understanding what employers want
• Understanding the jobs they could have
• Understanding their potential
• Increasing self-belief, becoming more ambitious and hopeful
There are 2 age groups we will work with.
13 – 16 years
Inspire, planting a seed in a young person’s head about what their future could look like and motivate them to focus at school and get the grades they need for the skills gaps we know we have in the city.
Share with them the careers opportunities they could have, the employers they could work for and they’ll be more inclined to not just work harder at school but keep their skills in their community.
16 – 21 years
The majority of young people we work with in this age range have some form of disadvantage (poverty, low academic achievement, disability, social skills, mental health) they have the most to gain from Get a Future but they can be difficult to engage with and struggle to plan further than the next 24 hours.
This group needs businesses who can think outside the box and be prepared to invest time in order to get the most out of these young people (young people who have a multitude of hidden talents but very little confidence).
We could choose to roll our eyes at “young people today!” or we could step up, find a way to work together differently and change lives.
The skies the limit with young people, all we have to do is believe in them.

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Carlisle Youth Zone

Moment of Pride

The Carlisle Youth Zone and the Get a Future initiative helps young people by giving them an opportunity that due to circumstances beyond their control that they might not otherwise have. As a result this Carlisle Youth Zone literally changes peoples lives for the better.

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