Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The aim of our Man Cave is to provide a regular meeting space for men who traditionally do not join in with group social activity, including those with health, mental ill health and suicidal thoughts. At the Man Cave they will find company but in focusing themselves around a practical task we believe more interaction will take place. In completing practical projects using skills they bring with them or acquire through working together we believe confidence , self esteem and mental well being will be improved.
We are developing a " Man Cave " based on practical activities which will encourage men, predominately between the ages of 40 - 60, to participate. The Cave is currently unused and fairly derelict but its potential as a work base and meeting point for men with an interest in repairing, refurbishing and making "things" has been identified by a small group of volunteers.
The Man Cave has an external enclosed garden area which Cave participants have recently cut back and made weed free. Garden benches have been sanded ready to repair. Plans include the improvement seating and planting in this garden space with the produce sold as fundraising for the Man Cave future needs.
The internal space is where most of the future development is needed. Plans include bicycle maintenance and repairs, woodwork and metal work projects. It is intended that items are sought which can be re cycled by upgrading or changing their use using the creativity an practical skills of those attending the Man Cave.
Despite this initial project being aimed at men , we have also had interest from ladies who would like to learn new skills such as bike maintenance and woodwork recycling so we do see this expanding for the engagement of other groups , including young people who could be mentored by Man Cave attendees. Funds are being sought to relocate an internal stairway making better use of the ground floor work space and to create a tea making station in the Man Cave. Shelving and work benches will be purchased and some initial items of equipment ( band saw ) for cutting wood.We will also purchase Protective Equipment , as identified in risk assessments being prepared for the anticipated tasks.
These plans have been discussed and are being implemented by a group of 6 eager volunteers who include a younger gentleman with learning difficulties and another participant with visual impairment. Each participant will complete a well being evaluation on starting in the Man Cave and 6 weeks after engaging with the activities.
Amber Valley CVS will support the volunteers to develop a constitution and sustainability plan to ensure the Man Cave is owned by the participants and is self sustaining in the future.

Amber Valley CVS

Moment of Pride

Our organisation finds innovative ways to reaches out into the community.I am pleased that the Man Cave has gained interest of men who would not find it easy to join in with traditional clubs prevalent in the area and that they are open to supporting people with disabilities in this project.

Location: Codnor