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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Aviva Community Fund – Playing Field Proposal - Ettiley Heath Playing Field Association
We are applying for an award from your community fund to help to realise the improvement of the Ettiley Heath playing field in the town of Sandbach, Cheshire.
The field is a 2 acre green-field site which was left to the local community by the Methodist Church and for many years has been a well-tended football pitch. Recently a new footballing facility has been built locally (Sandbach United FC), and as a result, our field is no longer used by the football club.

Many local people use the field, dog walkers, children playing on the swings, people practicing football/rugby/cricket and people from local businesses sit on the bench to eat their lunch. Family events have been held on the field for many years, namely the annual family fun day, termed the ‘welly-wang’. Money has been raised to pay the annual insurance premium and to pay for ongoing field maintenance.

It has been agreed by members of the playing field committee (a registered charity established over many years) that funding should be sought for new projects involving the improvement of the field and to ensure its continued beneficial use and upkeep. Over-use by dog walkers and less considerate users have led to a demise in the general condition of the field over time.

We propose the following improvements:
• Boundary improvement along field edge nearest to Sandy lane, this has fallen into disrepair recently. Proposal for a temporary fence and permanent hedge planting with formal entrance gates.
• Mini Skate board ramp and feature. The existing base for the former footballers changing room will make an ideal base for the addition of a skate ramp and will encourage the local children to play in the field. No facilities of this type are available in Sandbach. A recent FaceBook poll has shown this to be the most popular of proposed facilities on the field.
• Additional steel bench.
• Replacement of existing football goal posts, since the current ones are beyond repair with age.
• Additional tree/shrub planting.
• Clearance of overgrown areas on the field perimeter.
We would put the ‘Ettiley Heath Field Restoration Project’ into the ‘community support’ and ‘health and wellbeing’ categories of project. The community, and particularly young people, will benefit immensely from the changes proposed.
We estimate the following cost breakdown for the project:
Project Item Supplier Cost
Boundary improvement Hopley fencing £950
Mini Skate board ramps Lars Laj UK Ltd. £17,760
Steel bench Broxap £624
Goal posts Samba £808.85
Tree/shrub planting. Local Landscaper £2,000
Clearance of overgrowth Local garden contractor £1,500
Total £23,643

The project could be administered by the playing field committee (see website ) utilising the existing committee structure for decision making and established bank account bank account (etc…) for financial control.
The committee has been successful in keeping a healthy balance sheet in recent years (in excess of £1000), but lacks the resources to attract a significant amount of funding. The Aviva community fund would enable us to make a much needed and popular change to this local resource.

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Moment of Pride

The local residents of Ettiley Heath are very proud of their playing field, it has served as a focal point of the community for many years. The field has become a rare green oasis in an increasingly over-developed area of Sandbach.
Winning this investment will mean that the future of the field will

Location: Ettiley Heath