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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Koshido-Ryu Sandbach Karate club has been training local students in Sandbach for over 35 years. We are members of the Shukokai Karate Union (SKU) which is one of the longest established karate unions in the UK and was established in 1969 under its present chief instructor, sensei Stan Knighton 9th Dan. The SKU is also part of the world karate union WUKF which holds both European and World championships which the SKU are an affiliated member and can compete at these prestigious events.

The Karate club has over 40 members, the majority of which are children ages between 7 and 15 years. There are also many more senior members and several families to give a good mix of ages and abilities. Just over 2 years ago, many of our students started to compete in individual kata, kumite (fighting) and team events at karate competitions, travelling to different venues to test their skills against other karate students. We are targeting our training to be able to attend and compete at the WUKF World Championships in Dundee next year. The competition team is approximately 20 students but is always growing, developing new talent and open to all who want it.

Training involves 3 sessions a week and several of the competition team do additional training at the weekend. The karate club are in desperate need of the correct matted floor area (Tatami) to train on the same surface as those we compete on. With the increasing interest of the club to compete at different competitions, to train to be at the their best, having the correct surface would be such a benefit. Currently, we train in different local venues that are not properly suited to martial arts training.

If our application is successful we would use any of the funds to go towards purchasing a full size competition matted area which consists of a 8 metres square jig saw matts of the correct design to allow safe training and familiarisation with the surface. In total 64 matts of 1 metres square each are required.

Koshido-Ryu Sandbach Karate Club is very much a family club and some families turn up and train together. All students support each other whatever their age and grade and often the younger more experienced students teach the older members giving them their expertise. All the competitions attended are self-funded and much of the training involves additional sessions where the coaching is given free and the all sessions are open to all students. The club undertake fundraising events in which parents and other family members kindly support.

Please help us develop the karate club further by enabling us to provide essential training matted area for all the students, thus creating a great martial arts facility for the local Sandbach community, in order that they can train hard to compete at different competitions with their aim to compete at the WUKF World Championships in Scotland next year.

Koshido - Ryu Sandbach

Moment of Pride

Karate is not just training for belts but becomes part of your life which most take right through to their older years. Training and competing together creates a fantastic bond with all students and such memories for the team from competing at different venues and meeting all different competitors.

Location: Sandbach