Funding level: Up to £1,000


Herts Inclusive Theatre wish to make their activities and projects more sensory orientated, and open up the world of drama, theatre and storytelling to even more children and young people. In order to do this we need to purchase a pop up sensory kit. This equipment can be used alongside our fantastic new storytelling tent to create a complete sensory experience for children and young people of all abilities.
It would mean that we are able to expand our storytelling offering and take storytelling on tour into special needs schools, day centres and hospices.
We would also be able to use the equipment with our after school groups, holiday activities, during workshops and incorporate it into productions especially those with an interactive and immersive feel to them.
Some of the smaller items will be incorporated into our workshop leaders tools kits which they take to weekly sessions, and can use during games and activities, or add to the sensory box. A box with resources for children or young people that need to have a time out during sessions if they have become over stimulated or frustrated and need to have a few minutes to themselves but focus their mind on something else.
The set we wish to use includes a Tabletop Hurricane Column and case, a Fibre Optic Side Glow, a Sparkle Light Source, an Aura Projector , a Weighty Snakey, a Disco Stick, a Magic Mirror Fish, Mino Bondina Bells, a Squishy Mesh Ball and a Sensory Touch Ball.

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Proud to be a part of this brilliant organisation, care is the most important trait, everyone involved cares. A wonderful staff team, an untiring team of volunteers and workshop leaders, all passionate about what they do. They give our children something other families take for granted.

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