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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Dresses for Angels are a non-profit organisation that provides funeral gowns and bereavement packs to families who have suffered baby loss through stillbirth, miscarriage and other traumas. Outfits are made from donated wedding and bridesmaid dresses by volunteers and form part of a pack of items that are available to grieving families. Packs consist of a gown, blanket, hat, nappy cover, love heart and a butterfly, arranged in a net bag and donated to families in need, at no cost to them. The team also make little pockets for babies too small to fit into a funeral gown. Dresses for Angels was set up by Lisa Fletcher, following the tragic loss of her daughter Lillie Grace at full term, giving Lisa a reason to get out of bed and channel her grief into supporting others. Everything is produced by volunteers who cut, knit, sew, pack and buy items to keep everything going to ensure that families can receive a pack that is tailored to their loss, such as the size or gender of their baby. Lisa and the team produce boxes of packs to send to maternity units so that they are instantly available to families as well as receiving personal requests for single packs to be sent all over the country. Dresses for Angels receives no funding for any of their activities, relying solely on donations of time, resources, money and goodwill. Their services touch the lives of people across the country providing amazing community support for those in need. The statistics are shocking; nearly 30,000 babies will be stillborn each year and nearly 20% of all clinically recognised pregnancies will end in miscarriage and Dresses for Angels is trying to support as many families as possible going through this traumatic time in their lives. Everything is produced to the highest of standards and sent out with love in memory of Lillie Grace.

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Moment of Pride

To channel grief into something so amazingly supportive to help others is just the epitome of selflessness. I am proud to help this organisation and be part of something that is solely designed to help other human beings in their time of devastation and to be able to say, you are not alone, we care.

Location: Killamarsh