Funding level: Up to £1,000


Charnock Ridgeway Football Club was established in 1984 and has supported a number of boys teams throughout this time. Last season, our first girls team was formed to encourage girls in the local area to play football at a competitive level in the Sheffield & Hallamshire League. This league covers South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire and is dominated by teams with strong links to established football clubs across the area.

Charnock Ridgeway Girls are one of a handful of independent girls teams located in Sheffield which has strong links to its local community. We are run entirely by volunteers and although last season was challenging as a new club with players new to the game, our coaching team trained, developed and encouraged each member of the squad to improve performance.

The progression of our U12 girls team over the last 12 months has inspired younger girls to join the club. We are now able to support an U10s team to also play competitive football. To ensure the club continues to grow, and to ensure that all girls whatever their background have the chance to play football we also run a Development Team. This is made up of Year 2-5s with varying levels of ability but all with the same passion for football.

Our coaching team highlight the importance of encouraging more girls into football. This is not only to produce better players but also to contribute to their lives and to society as a whole. We are hoping to continue to grow as a girls club with long term future plans to introduce more teams. Our club has set values which are instilled into all our players. These include being professional, honest, caring and considerate and for our girls to reach beyond the game and use the power of football for health, education and social development. We are working to be recognised on and off the pitch and we expect our girls to be proud of their club.

Future of the club
There are however many expenses connected with running the club and we rely on fundraising and parents support. We purchased a basic football strip and equipment at the start of last season. However as our teams grow, our funding needs to stretch further.

Our girls completed a number of fundraising events over the summer and with the support of local businesses we have recently equipped all players within the club with training kits. We also made a club decision to buy a defibrillator for use during matches and training. Around 30,000 people have a cardiac arrest each year outside the confines of a hospital and sporting events raise this risk. The chance of survival after the heart stops falls by around 10% for every minute that passes without defibrillation therefore we felt that, as a club this piece of equipment is just as essential as nets, corner flags and training bibs.

Our equipment is stored on site but unfortunately our lock ups are old and we have recently suffered vandalism. We want to ensure that our equipment is safely locked away therefore are looking to upgrade our storage facilities. More specifically, we are looking to ensure our defibrillator can be stored securely on site for use by all teams using our football pitches. With support from Aviva we want to invest in the improvement of our facilities to keep our equipment safe. We are looking to directly invest funds to purchase a new strong box to secure our defibrillator and fund a maintenance schedule to ensure it is serviced and is always available for use. Lastly, we want to invest in some additional first aid training to ensure that coaches/parents on site can utilise this equipment to potentially save lives in the future.

Our long term plan is to expand our club by replacing our current storage units and replacing them with changing facilities. Any support at this stage will help us to reach our short term goals by helping our club to continue to grow and by keeping our existing teams and their equipment safe

Charnock Ridgeway Girls Football Club

Moment of Pride

Each and every player whatever their age or ability is made to feel welcome within the club. The enthusiasm our team coaches provide on and off the pitch encourage players to grow, develop and respect each other which is clearly visible when watching them playing competitive games against others.

Location: Bowman Drive, Sheffield, United Kingdom