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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Established in 1889, Loxley Silver Band provides an important community service in Sheffield. As a traditional brass band we offer a musical education service to both children and adult learners.
We run three separate bands – Loxley Silver Band, Loxley Training Band, and Loxley Veterans Band, meaning we can accommodate learners at all stages, offering progression and performance opportunities to all.
We currently have almost 50 players involved in learning and making music, encompassing developing musicians aged from 10 to over 80, with almost a third of these being children and young people aged 18 and under.
Loxley Band aims to improve and advance the musical education of the public through promoting the participation of brass band music making. We believe that music promotes the health and well-being of all participants and audiences. In addition to musical skills, players develop life skills such as teamwork, self-confidence, and of course have fun.
The cost of playing in the band is kept to a minimum so that membership is accessible to all. We loan instruments and uniforms to members at no additional cost.
We estimate that over 20,000 people will benefit from hearing Loxley Silver Band perform in 2017. By the end of 2017, Loxley will have performed at around 40 community based events this year, such as local summer galas, park bandstands, charity fund-raising events and music festivals. Our concerts regularly raise thousands of pounds for local charities and other community funds.
We undertake at least twenty performances during December, playing at local churches, street markets, pubs and villages. We promote Sheffield’s heritage by maintaining and growing the tradition of “Sheffield Local Carols” in community venues across the city, with mass audience participation.

A donation of £1,000 from Aviva would make a really useful contribution to our running costs (rehearsal space, uniform, band conductor, instrument maintenance and insurance) – the remainder of which will be covered by band subscriptions and regular local fundraising (such as donations for performing, raffles and collections at Christmas, sales of our CD). This award would help us to promote our work further in our community and support even more new members, in all of our bands.
Loxley is a very friendly and welcoming band and provides high quality music tuition to learners of all ages – we are always open to new members.

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Loxley Silver Band

Moment of Pride

Band members work hard to continually develop the quality of their performances for our community.
In 2016 the band visited the Somme. We were proud to perform at the Sheffield Memorial Park, with an extremely moving tribute to the Sheffield Pals. We were also proud to perform at the Menin Gate.

Location: Stanwood Drive, Sheffield, United Kingdom