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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Fraudings Marsh is the final piece in the jigsaw in the creation of the full Rye Meadows corridor. The meadow is presently grazed with livery horses but we wish to parcel off a section with fencing and hedgerow to include it within the 14 acres of Rye Meadows. In addition we need to purchase post and rail fencing together with 160 meters of bare rooted mixed native hedging plants. Planting and the erection of the fencing will be undertaken by the Rye Meadows volunteers who turn out twice a month to undertake essential maintenance work
In addition the north bank of the Rye Brook is to be sculptured to create a "berm" and change the banks to a 45 degree incline from the present vertical nature. In doing so we will create a "shelf" on which water loving plants will be transplanted from elsewhere on the Brook. We are sponsored by A Plant who provide us with the necessary heavy equipment, but need to hire certified drivers to fulfil our insurance requirements.
This bank work has already been carried out elsewhere within Rye Meadows under the guidance of Surrey Wildlife Trust and The Trout Trust. It has had the full support of the Environment Agency as the Rye Brook, although a tiny stream, is classed as a main river. The work we have already done has helped to store more water in these "Berms" which in turn reduces the amount of flood water travelling downstream to Leatherhead where in previous years there have been flooding problems. The work we have done encourages wildlife, plant life and has the added benefit of flood alleviation.
We are supported purely by donation and grants and to date have achieved much for the Meadows. To achieve this final piece of the jigsaw we again need funding for materials and professional labour.

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Moment of Pride

The original project was plant a Jubilee Wood but since that initial concept the project has grown to form a wildlife corridor between Epsom and Leatherhead Commons. The 14 acres has been set aside by the owner and placed under Fields in Trust to preserve it in perpetuity.

Location: Ashtead