Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


The Club was established May 2017 by parents (myself and my husband) who wanted to be different from that we had observed in local Sunday junior football ie ;-

- Win at all costs
- Lack of respect for fair play
- Lack of community feel
- Lack of emphasis on fun and friendship

Hopes and dreams are what we stand for – all children and communities need them. We are an all-inclusive club run by volunteers . The children and our volunteers come from all over Sheffield and Chesterfield. Steps taken so far are ;-

1. Parents funding their own completed Coaching, Welfare, First Aid courses. All now hold relevant certifications. Respect and safeguarding is one of our core values.
2. We have joined up with St Theresa’s Primary School, Prince of Wales Road, Sheffield to share their home pitch and facilities.
3. We have established a community bank account for any money from our café, subscriptions and local fund raising such as bag packing at ASDA etc.
4. Monthly meetings are held with parents to discuss fund raising activities and invite feedback on how we progress.
5. Welcomed children from across Sheffield and held open training sessions / fun days at our home ground (see pictures).

We want to ;-
1. Create an environment that enables lasting friendships that go beyond any post codes or cultures.
2. Promote sport and the benefits of exercise through football.
3. Help children learn, understand, adopt and promote the benefits of fair play, respect and kindness to all children they play with (on and off the football pitch).
4. We are limited to an Under 8s team but would like to get all ages involved with our vision. For this we need some basic start up funding for this team.
5. We want people to come and watch us, mingle and enjoy watching children, enjoy themselves. We want to tap into the school, church and urban population by encouraging them to watch the football. For this we need some help with catering facilities and seating.
6. We want children to feel part of a team and feel what you can achieve if you work together.

We would use funding for ;-

1. Basic seats /seating at our home ground to be used by the church and school for both our football and community events. We will bring people together to enjoy sport and share friendships. We would like grandparents, OAPs and maybe people less mobile from Sheffield to be able to sit in comfort. This seating would be used by our club but shared with the church and school - we would love to think parents current and future would sit and watch their children enjoy being outside, free spirited and enjoying sport.

2, Enable us to hold a gala here next Summer inviting teams from Holland, France and Spain and beyond. We would love to get children to mix and mingle here and show them Sheffield !

3. Expand our café from a camping stove and kettle to enable us to cater for the wider community, the church, the school and to further our aim of bringing people together. We would advertise in the local area including the church and other community hubs to watch and share time with us.

Young Elites Football Club under 8's

Moment of Pride

The pictures below say it all. We are bringing children from across the city together through sport and making lasting friendships. We are achieving it through the commitment and generosity of the local community. Our aim is to put smiles on the faces of the children, volunteers and spectators.

Location: Prince of Wales Road, Sheffield, United Kingdom