Community support

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The “Nance” spent 125 years catching prawns in Morecambe Bay and now sadly lies in pieces in storage. We want to bring it home to Canal Foot and display it with information boards sharing its story with the whole community. Using a local architectural sculptor, Chris Brammall, we will create an attractive enclosure to protect the “Nance” and form a focal point for residents and tourists alike.
There is a current footfall of over 40,000 people a year visiting this beautiful and tranquil area of the Bay. There is a positive impact on health and well-being on users who stroll, walk their dogs or ride their horses and bicycles along the Canal towpath. This installation would enhance that experience, giving an opportunity to pause and reflect on how life used to be for the busy fishermen.

Ulverston Canal Regeneration Group

Moment of Pride

The time and commitment of the volunteers who are dedicated to improving and looking after this beautiful part of the world; preserving the historical heritage as well as future-proofing a wonderful asset makes me swell with pride. It is a tough balancing act that they do so well.

Location: Canal Foot, United Kingdom