Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Plan :

Our plan is to convert the office space next to the school library into a new digital media studio to enable groups of pupils to:
Record and make radio programmes and podcasts
Create audio drama's and plays
Learn to edit audio
Report on local news and interview school visitors
Learn to edit vocals and links, produce full shows and then make available worldwide on ITunes etc.
Work with sound effects and incidental music
Learn to make, produce and record modern electronic music.
Record and edit videos including green screen techniques and special effects
Bring in guest speakers and experts to give workshops to pupils and provide free training to teachers.
Set up a number of out of school clubs: Music Production Club, Radio Club and TV Club

Benefits & Intended Results

To give pupils valuable life skills that will aid potential future careers in media.
Develop and build pupil self esteem.
Encourage pupils with promise in performing arts, music and creative areas to flourish.
Give underprivileged and premium pupils the chance to use equipment and have experiences they might normally not chance to undertake.
Help work towards a Platinum Artsmark Award and an Outstanding Ofsted rating.
Bring together traditional music lessons, art, performance and drama and take it to the next level with modern electronic methods.
Budding singers, writers, musicians, reporters and presenters can come together to work as a team, create incredible projects and serve the wider community, whilst showcasing the school to an international audience.

The total amount required for the project is £7,735; however if a grant of £1,000 was obtained, then the monies would be put towards the production keyboard at £483, 2 microphones at £250, a studio desk at £200 and accessories with the remainder.

The recording studio would work alongside the schools ethos of developing the whole child as it is believed creativity is just as important as the academic side of the curriculum.

friends of Gomersal Primary School

Moment of Pride

The Friends of Gomersal Primary school is a team of parents who strive to raise funds for projects within the school.
Regular meetings (in the pub) ensure that there is a plan in place.
There are two annual events held, a summer fair and a Christmas fair.

Location: Gomersal