Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


We will be running a programme out of our Lightbites Cafes at the Willow and the Ray Allen Children's Centres where we provide meals to families who normally receive free school dinners and struggle to pay for them in the holidays. Sometimes the parents/carers go without themselves to enable them to feed their children. This scheme has been identified as a requirement by Schools, Children Centres, Youth Hub and other local organisations. The families will be provided with a two course meal and a drink. There will be a referral system in place so that the schools etc. can refer the families and issue them with a form stating how many meals, the names of the children and adult and what days the meals are required.

Beaver Community Trust Ltd

Moment of Pride

We will be providing a service to the community that has been identified as an urgent requirement. As well as providing the meals the families will be in a safe environment where they can sit and enjoy spending the time with their families and also promote health portion size.

Location: Ashford TN23 5RN, United Kingdom