Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


There is a pervasive attitude that when people retire they should slow down and rest, however in older age it can be more important than ever to keep up physical activity to remain healthy. Heart disease and cerebrovascular disease, such as stroke, are two of the biggest killers of people aged 65 and over, exercising can help reduce the risk of developing these conditions as well as offer a range of other benefits to improve mental and physical health and wellbeing.

If you don't stay active, all the things you’ve always enjoyed doing and taken for granted start to become increasingly harder; this includes simple pleasures, such as playing with the grandchildren, walking to the shops, leisure activities and meeting up with friends.

Taking part in exercise clubs with others of a similar age can motivate people to stick with it, and reap the benefits of staying physically active. Brendoncare Clubs for older people understand how transformative it can be to take part in physical activity; this is why 26 of our 91 clubs are activity based catering to all abilities and this includes:

• 11 clubs offering a variety of exercise ranging from tai chi, yoga, limber and table tennis. The clubs begin with an hour’s instructor-led exercise, followed by refreshments to give members an opportunity to socialise and develop friendships within the clubs.
• 15 New Age Kurling Clubs. The popularity of kurling owes much to its inclusivity, with simple rules and equipment; it can be played by anyone of any age or ability. It is an ideal sport to get people moving, and creates the relaxed atmosphere for friendships to flourish.

Our most recent survey has highlighted the difference exercise makes to our members’ health and wellbeing; 69% think that taking part in a physical activity improves mobility and 79% say that their club helps them to feel more relaxed.

Brendoncare Clubs would like to extend its activity clubs to new groups of older people; whilst our clubs are entirely inclusive and open to all members of the older community, there are some groups which are under-represented across the clubs such as: those in poor health, older men who are stoical and often reluctant to admit how lonely they are and carers who are at greater risk to isolation and depression as a result of looking after a loved one.

This project will pay for 1400 additional visits for new club members from these target groups who are often harder to reach, less inclined to seek help and most vulnerable to loneliness and isolation.

We will ‘reach out to’ these groups with our recently launched, highly popular new initiatives including: pop-up clubs out in the community offering taster sessions with kurling and exercise. Over the last year we have raised considerable awareness of the clubs with pop up clubs across Hampshire and Dorset in health centres, community events, shopping centres and church halls. Brendoncare Clubs has also recently launched a volunteer buddying scheme which offers one-to-one support for new members during their first few club visits. Finally, we will continue to offer the ‘Access Fund’ which subsides club subscription and transport costs for people on a low income; this will ensure that our clubs are open and affordable to all those that need us.

Brendoncare Clubs

Moment of Pride

Brendoncare’s activity clubs are extremely popular and continue to grow thanks to our activity instructors who have been described by our members as ‘enthusiastic and inspirational.’ We are also very proud of the caring and considerate support of our 78 volunteers who help run the 26 activity clubs.

Location: Hampshire, United Kingdom