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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Milton Keynes Rowing Club, twice winner of the Sport MK ‘Club of the Year’ award, need £4300 for 5 indoor rowing machines to get more local people active and to enjoy the amazing sport of rowing both on and off the water.

Our club has been fundraising for several years for a project involving building a desperately needed boat storage unit and refurbishing the current indoor storage area to turn in to a training room, and once this is complete we will need some rowing machines to go in it. The club currently has 5 machines, 4 of which are very old, and we need to increase the number of machines we have to accommodate our growing membership.

Having these will give more local people the opportunity to join the club and to train either to row on the water or to take up our new indoor rowing membership. We have recently started offering this in response to the growing popularity of indoor rowing as a sport.

Members brought home a haul of medals from the British Indoor Rowing Championships, held at the London Velodrome last year and it inspired other members to get involved this year.

We are looking for funding for the rowing machines as our members have spent the last 4 years working extremely hard to fundraise for a boat storage unit as well as the refurbishment of the training area and have raised a whopping £38,000 between them! I feel that this shows great commitment to improving our facilities and deserves a little help from the Aviva fund.

The Club is renowned for innovative fundraisers which include rowing the English Channel and rowing for 50 hours in a shopping centre followed by running a half marathon while carrying a boat! We have built relationships with many local businesses who have engaged with our activities and supported us while benefitting from advertising and corporate responsibility. We just need a bit more help to get us to point of making our plans a reality.

There are currently 110 members of the club, all of who would be able to access the new rowing machines at any of the 6 club sessions, and they would also form part of the circuit training over the winter months in the evenings. We predict that we will attract 15 new members per year through the Taster sessions and Learn to Row courses which are held twice a year.

British Rowing, the national governing body of rowing is promoting indoor rowing on rowing machines such as the ones we will purchase not just for those who train on these for rowing on the water but also as a sport in its own right. MK Rowing Club has had interest from local people wanting to use indoor rowing machines and we believe that there is a growing need for this type of membership. Rowers within the club use these machines as an integral part of training and training together on these with a racing crew is essential for crews to perfect technique and fitness.

Why should people vote? Membership is open to anyone age 16 and over and we are an inclusive and friendly club, providing up to 6 sessions of rowing a week. Indoor rowing is a great all round exercise which is gentle on the joints and accessible to most abilities, and having more, and newer machines will help retain members and attract more people to the sport, thus increasing the number of people participating in sport on a regular basis. We are unlikely to attract many people with too few machines, especially old rusty ones!

Milton Keynes Rowing Club

Moment of Pride

I am most proud of our incredible members who have already raised thousands of pounds to improve our facilities. A member described us as ‘The best little big rowing club in the world’! and I couldn’t agree more! This project will allow more people to discover a passion in rowing.

Location: Milton Keynes